Reliable sweetness and deliciousness, Misudo's Froky Shoe New Five Types of Tasting Review

Appeared in October 2008After that, Frokey shoe seems to have entered a regular menu while making minor changes. In the donut like French Kruller plus Pon de Ring divided by 2, five kinds of new taste appeared from the end of March to April, so I tried everything.

Review from below.
First of allChocolat blueberries. Regardless of taste, it is 136 yen per piece.

The fabric is a chocolate taste.

Sandwich with whipped cream and blueberry sauce. Sour sauce that is not too sweet is accented.

Double Chocolat

Because it is a combination of the same thing called chocolate + chocolate, compatibility is perfect. Because it contains fluffy whipped cream, it is a dish you want to choose if you like chocolate.

Chocolat caramel

It seems that the amount of caramel sauce is small, but I firmly insist on its taste when eating it. The fabric is a chocolate taste, but somehow caramel sauce and whipped cream combine to taste like a pudding.

This isMaple.

The fabric is not a chocolate flavor ordinary shoe fabric.

There is plenty of maple sauce with richness, the most sweetness among these five types. After all it seems that people who like donuts if they are not sweet will like it.

The endmango.

There is a refreshing scent, the taste is rather than marmalade rather than mango. It might have been better if a more distinctive sweetness came out.

Fluffy dough and whipped cream, and harmony of each sauce is taken, both texture and flavor are considerable.

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