I tried four kinds of pancakes including Daniele and Coco pancake · Ichigo and Mascarpone cheese cream pancake at Denny's

Denny's also in April this yearNew pancake menuAlthough it is an impression that puts out considerable effort on sale, but from June 10 (Tue) it is "Pineapple and coco pancake"·"Orange cream pancake"·"Strawberry and mascarpone cheese cream pancake"·"White chocolate cream pancake"We released four kinds of pancakes. Everything was arranged slightly and I went to eat soon because the taste was anxious.

Denny's | Denny's pancake

Arrived at Denny's.

It also appeals new products even at handwritten signs of shops.

A poster was adorned even when entering the store.

Sit down at the table and open the menu.

I found four kinds of pancakes at once. I will ask all menus.

Pancake is slightly thickened, it took more than 15 minutes, first of all pancakes of pineapple and coco (599 yen including tax) arrived. This item is limited only until June 23 (Monday).

There are plenty of sweet and sour pineapple, and a cream of roasted coconut and coconut flavor is applied.

In addition powder sugar.

Pancakes are quite thick.

I will eat it and eat it.

Pancakes that do not make anything are fluffy, soft and sweet and savory. Even though it is simple, it is finished in a taste without habit to eat, especially without syrup. Because it is relatively thick, the impression that fluffiness is different from other pancakes.

Good to eat with pineapple. In these pineapples, the taste of syrup is often too strong, but the taste of pineapple is felt firmly, roast coconut is also fragrant and compatible.

The coconut-flavored cream is not intensely habitable but it is easy to eat. Ice is also preeminent with pancakes.

Orange cream pancake (599 yen including tax) is a slightly different combination of orange cream sauce and chocolate sauce.

From the opposite side, plenty of chocolate sauce.

Orange is on top of orange cream topping.

Ice cream is also on it.

First I tried eating Orange Cream with Orange, the refreshing sourness fits well with cream and it feels like for summer as well as "Pineapple and Coco Pancake".

I tried eating chocolate and oranges together, but the refreshing sourness of orange fits well with the fragrance of chocolate, and it can be eaten especially without discomfort.

Ichigo and Mascarpone cheese cream pancakes (599 yen including tax) are used for tiramisu etcMascarponeAs a source, a dish combined with the strawberry sauce.

A slightly red strawberry mascarpone cheese sauce is laying on the ice cream.

Crimson strawberry sauce is also nice.

Mascarpone is not as strong as Tiramisu, but adds a bit of richness to the cream and is good. The source of the strawberry is modest in sweetness, I do not feel the taste so heavy.

Strawberry sourness and ice cream were particularly good compatibility.

White chocolate cream pancake (599 yen including tax) is a heavyweight pancake with white chocolate cream and caramel sauce.

In the center, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel biscuits are topped.

Plenty of caramel biscuits on white chocolate cream.

There is plenty of caramel-flavored sauce.

First I tried it with white chocolate cream, I felt it was the most tasty taste of 4 kinds, whether it was the last time I ate it, but it was rich anyhow. The taste of white chocolate did not feel so strong, but it felt that there was a lot of milk fat in the cream. The crispy texture of caramel biscuits has become a good accent.

When you eat it with a caramel - flavored sauce, it tastes even more. It seems better to eat with coffee or tea if possible.

Only pineapple and coco pancake are on sale till the 23rd of this month, others are on sale at the Grand Menu. It is a little unusual arrangement pancake, so if you like pancake you may want to eat it.

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