I tried using "iconDecotter" which can "submerge" Twitter icon

ByBobby Acree

You can make a character-like caricature icon "Square face icon generator"And animated character icons can be created quickly"Anime-style avatar manufacturer"You can easily make the original Twitter icon, but you can easily submerge an existing iconic image"IconDecotter". In addition to being submerged, I seem to be able to put a concentration line and say words, so I actually edited the Twitter icon with iconDecotter.

IconDecotter | Decorate your Twitter icon! Icon decotter

The top page looks something like this.

To use the service, first click on "Use Twitter authentication."

Enter your account and password and click "Login".

Then the following screen will appear. At this point, what is currently the Twitter profile image is displayed as it is.

You can apply a frame to the current image to submerge the icon, but you can also process the uploaded image from the PC. So, click on "My Job Icon Update".

Select the desired image from the folder on the PC and click "Upload".

Then, the selected image was displayed in place of the current icon.

At the bottom of the screen you can search for frame images in three different ways: "new arrival" and "ranking" "popular tag".

In the ranking, it is possible to display two types of "ranking of the day" and "ranking of the month".

The method of applying the frame is simple, just click on the frame you want to use OK. Frames were applied to the image on the right side of the two side by side, and I could easily submerge the icon.

Apart from "submerged", there are also frames called "forced! (Black)" ... ...

"Thin winter (black edge)"

"This lolicon fits !!"

There are various frames such as "mysterious white liquid".

When you click "Adjust Options" ...

It was designed to be able to choose the type of filter such as frame position adjustment, rotation, multiplication / subtraction, etc.

When the frame is decided, click "Decorate".

Click "Check on Twitter screen".

With such a feeling, I was able to play icons and process a variety of things.

Since you can upload frame images freely, it is OK even if you share your own frames.

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