'Kokosuki' review that you can easily cut and share your favorite scene of VTuber on the browser

' Kokosuki ' is a developer of the anonymous question service '

Question Box ', which is created by the popular VTuber Sisters and can be used to freely create clips of only your favorite scenes from virtual YouTuber (VTuber) movies. A web service developed by YouTuber's Deco Boko Factory . It is said that it is a service that is useful for spreading the recommended VTuber, so I actually tried using it.

VTuber's \Coco liked/Clip introduction site 'Kokosuki'

I will actually use Kokoski. Kokoski can be accessed from smartphone and PC browsers, and this time I tried using it from a PC browser. To use Kokoski services, you need to log in using your Twitter account. While logged in to Twitter, click 'Login' in the bottom menu.

Click 'Authenticate linked application'.

It looks like this when you log in successfully. As you scroll through the screen, you'll see various crop clips made by other users, and click on a movie to play it. The movie is in the range of 3-40 seconds, and it is automatically looped when the playback ends. To add a new clipping clip, click the + icon in the center of the bottom menu.

This time,

Ange Katrina 's ' [Minecraft] Stupid Castle, how is the progress. Make a fashionable gate. [Niji Sanji / Ange Katrina]-From YouTube ', we will pick up the moment when Anju decides the wink .. Enter the URL of the original movie to be clipped and click 'Next'.

Click 'Tap here' that appears when the import is successful.

Then, the movie is loaded as follows.

The original movie is about 7 hours long, and the part you want to cut out is around

5 hours 56 minutes 30 seconds . Cut out the seek bar of the movie and click 'Start here' according to the start time.

In addition, align the seek bar at the time of the cutout and click 'Make here last'. The time range will be automatically entered below the movie. You can also specify the clipping time range by directly entering/editing this time range field. Please note that it cannot be combined if it exceeds the range of 3 to 40 seconds.

After adjusting the range within 40 seconds, enter the clip title of the clipped clip in the 'Clip title' field and click 'Post clip'.

Then, I was able to create a short movie clip with the following feeling.

Click 'Share' on the left side of the bottom menu to display clip URLs and Twitter/LINE/Facebook share buttons.

You can also jump to the URL of the original movie by clicking 'To Original Video', which is the second from the left. Until now, in order to create a cutout movie of VTuber, you had to download and edit the original movie, but since 'Kokosuki' only loops by specifying the time range, you can feel free to edit the original movie. You can see the part you like.

Click 'My Page' on the right side of the bottom menu to display your Twitter account information, and you can see the clips you have made and clips you like.

To delete the created clip, click 'Edit' above the title.

Click 'To Delete Confirmation Page' displayed below the 'Update Clip' button.

Clipping created by deleting 'Delete clip'.

In the second from the right of the lower menu, a poop icon was displayed as 'an icon that was inserted only to balance left and right'.

By the way, although it can be accessed from the smartphone's web browser, an environment that allows high-speed communication such as Wi-Fi was recommended due to the nature of editing movies.

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