A combination of bitterness and sweetness has eaten the exquisite Eggs'n Things special Valentine pancake

In February Valentine came approaching, Eggs 'n Things (pancake shop) at Eggs' n Things (Eggs Things) for a limited time "Special Valentine pancake"Began. In 2015Chocolate milk pancakeAlthough it was a pancake using strawberries and marshmallows in 2016. I went to eat at once.

2016 New "Special Valentine Pancake" Limited release from February 1 (Monday)

Arrived at the shop, I waited a while after the queue was finished ......

enter Shop. I ordered "Special Valentine Pancake" (1650 yen including tax) and "Marshmallow Hot Chocolate" (550 yen including tax) from the Valentine's special menu.

Menu arrived in about 10 minutes.

The whipped cream served well for yourself is familiar.

Pancakes are rich in pure cacao, with chocolate custard being hung, tofu and toasted marshmallows are topped.

Pancakes using pure cacao are bitter and bitter. When you put whipped cream there, sweet chocolate custard and fluffy cream, moreover the sweet and sour taste of the virgin is added, to the exquisite taste. Sweetness of baked marshmallows is also good.

In Eggs'n Things, three tables of guava sauce, coconut sauce and maple syrup are prepared for each table, but because of the sweetness of marshmallows, it may be better not to add coconut sauce or maple syrup which increases sweetness. It is ant to add sweetness and bitterness to add sour taste of guava sauce, but it seems to be better to say that there is no sauce as it feels like finished balance already.

Marshmallow hot chocolate adds chocolate sauce to hot milk and topped with marshmallow · strawberry sauce · cocoa powder.

Hot chocolate has plenty of cacao flavor. The acidity of the strawberry sauce that joined there is conspicuous as an accent. It will be chilly after the evening, but if you have this one you will warm up from the bottom of your stomach.

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