I tried two types of Mocha which I tried brownies using Belgian-made chocolate with Tully's

Two varieties of cafe Moka which Tully's coffee topped brownies for coffee from Wednesday, January 14Brownie mocha"When"Cassis brownie white mochaWe released the. Tully 's coffee Japan It is an arrangement drink which added a brownie made from Belgian chocolate to cafe mocha of the standard product from the time of opening of the first store in Japan, I went to a shop and drank it at once.

~ World of bittersweet and sweet "Coffee & Chocolate" - New products of romance season such as "Cassis Brownie White Mocha" "Brownie Mocha" etc. will be on sale from Wednesday, January 14
(PDF file)http://www.tullys.co.jp/u/pdfs/20140106a.pdf

Arrived at Tully's coffee.

Also appeal to two kinds of new Mocha at shop front.

After entering the shop and going to the cash register ......

I found a new item also on the cash register. I will try to order with tall size hot either.

Brownie mocha on the left, cassis brownie white mocha on the right, coffee in the transparent glass in the menu picture, but it was provided in a paper cup. Both are brownish crunchy brownies.

Brownie mocha is a drink that topped with whipped cream and brownie crunch on top of cafe mocha mixed with chocolate sauce for espresso.

There are plenty of crushed brownie crunch on the cream and chocolate.

First of all, when you try to eat scooped parts of topping with a spoon, the taste of the brownie crunch chocolate with a moist texture is strong, making it possible to enjoy the taste which is like winter-like thick taste when combined with cream. Because there is no sweetness so strong, people who are drinking caffe latte usually seem to be able to taste without discomfort.

Since there are plenty of cream on the drink, it is OK even if you melt it in a drink and scoop with a spoon. The drink part matched the bitter taste of coffee and bitter taste of chocolate, so it was smoother than Latte because it contains a lot of cream.

Cassis brownie white mocha is a drink that can add cassis sauce and white chocolate to cafe mocha and enjoy gentle sweet and sour taste.

Unlike Brownie Mocha, brownie crunch is topped in one place and you can check purple cassis sauce.

When scooping and eating it, exquisitely matches the sour taste of cassis sauce and rich bitter chocolate. Because the cream is plenty on the drink instead of the foam milk, the taste of milk is rich in the taste of chocolate and cassis, but I did not feel the taste of white chocolate so much.

The sourness of cassis is felt also from the lower drink, but the impression that the amount of cassis sauce is somewhat large and it hits the scent of coffee. Although chocolate and cassis are compatible, the combination of bitter taste of coffee and sourness of cassis did not feel much inevitability.

In addition, brownie mocha is short 460 yen · Toll 510 yen · Grande 560 yen · Enoru 610 yen, taxis include Short 490 yen · Toll 540 yen · Grande 590 yen · Enolmen 640 yen with cassis brownie white mocha also including tax , And both are sold for a limited time. People who like caffe mocha may try to taste once during the period.

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