We drank Starbucks limited time drink "Almond Milk Frappuccino with Honey Crunch" and "Almond Milk Latto with Honey Crunch"

Starbucks will be offering a new product "Limited Edition" for about one month from 18th March to 14th April 2015Almond milk Frappuccino with Honey crunch"When"Almond milk latte with Honey crunch"Is on sale. I used drinks of Starbucks original vegetable almond milk for two period limited drinks and actually drank what kind of taste it is.

Fluffy easy-to-use limited-time drink using vegetable milk "almond milk" for the first time "Almond milk frappuccino R with honey crunch" and "Almond milk latte with Honey crunch" emerged

Product Information Almond Milk Frappuccino with Honey Crunch | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

I enter the store and order it at once.

This is limited time sale "Almond milk frappuccino with Honey crunch" and "Almond milk latte with Honey crunch"

I will drink almond milk from Frappuccino.

It is not ordinary for cream, it uses a honey-flavored whipped cream. Honey sauce and almond crunch are topped on whipped cream.

First of all, we only have whipped cream. The whipped cream is slightly honey fragrant, and the crispy almond crunch has a good texture.

The cream melts out from the part scooped with a spoon, and it mixes with Frappuccino.

I irritated, Pakuri where Cream and Frappuccino are mixed. Frappuccino is not a thick milk, it has a mellow taste, and it feels a taste of firm almond while it is slightly thin. The compatibility of almond crunch's fragrance and mellow almond milk is outstanding.

The last is a straw and it is tough. It's a dessert feeling rather than a drink.

Another limited time new product "Almond Milk Latte with Honey Crunch" is this.

When you bring your face close to the cup, you will have a sweet scent of honey.

Like almond milk frappuccino, almond milk latte is also top sprinkled with honey sauce and almond crunch.

When you drink a bite, mellow almond milk has been warmed up, and it is even more gentle to the mouth, and it is hot. After drinking a bite I feel unexpectedly "Oh" from the mouth and a vigorous voice comes out. The fragrance of almonds and the sweet smell of honey spread out in the mouth, becoming a perfect drink for a little chilly spring early.

In addition, "Almond milk frappuccino with Honey crunch" and "Almond milk latte with Honey crunch" are limited-time items from 18th March to 14th April 2015, the price is 520 yen for tax on Frappucino, Late Toll of 460 yen excluding tax.

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