Strawberry cream Frappuccino for a limited time drink "Strawberry cream Frappuccino" as fresh as a strawberry and milk blow away the heat

A new product that Starbucks used sweet and sour strawberry sauce "Strawberry cream FrappuccinoWe sell it from 21st May 2015. It is that it is becoming a perfect Frappuccino for the summer based on the dessert "Strawberry & Cream" which is regarded as the birthplace of England, so I actually tried drinking it at a shop.

Press Release (2015/05/18) | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Strawberry cream Frappuccino | Starbucks coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

At the shop is the pop of strawberry cream Frappuccino.

I ordered Strawberry cream Frappuccino at checkout immediately.

Strawberry cream Frappuccino is completed in 1 or 2 minutes from order.

Looking closer, the strawberry sauce and the milk frappuccino are mixed in the marble shape, and the appearance is very gorgeous.

I can open the lid with a crackle.

Foamed whipped cream does not get rid of sweet tooth.

Scoop with whipped cream and bite. Frappuccino 's sweet and sour strawberries are modest, and rather the milk' s richness is stronger. For example, it seems like you made high quality strawberry milk to Frappuccino.

Looking closely, since the strawberry sauce is sinking towards the bottom ... ...

I tried stirring a little with a straw and drank the lower one. Strawberry sauce and milk frappuccino are just right balance when stirring. Sprinkling strawberry sweet and sour and milk in the mouth. Because it is not too sweet, its mouth feel is very refreshing and is perfect for the hot season.

Strawberry sauce was accumulated a lot Stopberry sauce you can taste the rich Frappuccino if you scoop up the liquid at the bottom.

"Strawberry cream Frappuccino" means that the word "refreshing" applies to both the appearance and the taste, and a drink that can be refreshed quickly when drinking on a hot day. The sales period is from May 21st to August 31st 2015, the price is 550 yen without tax for Tall, Grande is 590 yen without tax, Venti is 630 yen without tax.

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