Starbucks "crunchy caramel macchiato" "crunchy caramel frappuccino" is a perfect taste in autumn

Pouring espresso into a combination of fine whipped steam milk and bitter caramel, adding an accent to it, topping with a crispy texture of candy chips and nuts, finishing with a caramel sauce finished seasonal starba menu "Crunchy caramel macchiato". Also, you can enjoy the same taste in the sense of dessert "Crunchy caramel Frappuccino"Is also released at the same time, I decided to go to the early autumn afternoon.

Press Release "Crunchy Caramel Maquiart" "Crunchy Caramel Frapetino" released on September 3 - Fine milk foam, savory bitter caramel, crispy candy, deep espresso, Autumn limited drinks ~ | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

A poster of a color that makes autumn autumn leaves feel.

"Crunchy caramel macchiato" can choose hot and ice (tax included, Short 430 yen, Tall 470 yen, Grande 510 yen Venti 550 yen), "Crunchy caramel frappuccino" (430 yen for each shipping 430 yen, Tall 490 yen, Grande 530 yen, Venti 570 yen) It is getting.

So, I bought it immediately.

Here is Grande size with ice of "crunchy caramel macchiato".

From the side you can see that caramel, espresso, milk etc. are layers.

Okay, we will.

At the same time you can feel the sweetness of fluffy steam milk and caramel, but sweetness which is moderately elegant sweetness not too sweet. Occasionally there is a savory candy chip and nut's cheeks, which is a good accent.

When espresso is further mixed in it, bitter sweetness is felt in sweetness, and you can enjoy a change in taste. Although it is good to drink with a straw, when you drink directly from a cup, various tastes such as milk, espresso, caramel, etc. come into your mouth all at once and you can enjoy the taste with depth, so recommended.

As early autumn, night and so on gradually became felt cold, but at that time it might be hot here as well.

For the warmth, the fragrance of espresso is more felt than Ice, and it makes it possible to enjoy it even with a smell.

I felt that the taste of espresso was felt dark because the taste was also hot. A bitter taste of fine steam milk and the bitter taste of espresso which is good for the aftertaste are impressive.

Tighten in the end with dessert.

It still has a hot day, so if you want to make your mood crisp, this coffee base cold Frappuccino might be good.

I will get you.

At the top you can taste the contrasting texture of soft tongue-like steam milk and crisp almond clocant ......

If you scoop the bottom with a spoon, you can enjoy Frappuccino that confined the bitter flavor of espresso. When stirring well with a spoon, various flavors such as milk, caramel, frappuccino are mixed and become a complex taste, this is also good. Because I do not feel the bitterness of espresso as much as "crunchy caramel macchiato", it seems to be suitable for those who say "I want a bit of bitterness to the extent that sweetness is not enhanced."

That's why there is sweetness but also bittersweet and it's a menu you want to choose in fall.

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