I drank fresh Candy Orange Latte & Candy Orange Frappuccino with Starbucks for a limited time

For a limited time from March 13Starbucks"Candy Orange Late" and "Candy Orange Frappuccino" which are released from Orange Candy and White Chocolate are combined, according to the development staff "I wanted to make a drink with a fresh and light impression like Spring and made it a flavor of orangeThat thing. I actually tasted it in Starbucks what kind of menu it is.

Candy Orange Latte | Starbucks Coffee

Candy Orange Frappuccino

Arrived at Starbucks.

I found signs of Candy Orange Latte and Candy Orange Frappuccino in front of the shop.

I will place an order immediately. "Candy orange latte" has a short size of 430 yen, a tall size of 470 yen, a Grande size of 510 yen, and a benty size of 550 yen. "Candy Orange Frappuccino" has a short size of 450 yen, a tall size of 490 yen, a grande size of 530 yen, and a benty size of 570 yen.

This is candy orange latte, left is ice and right is hot. Vivid shades of white and oranges produce the table freshly.

First of all I will try drinking from ice cream.

The top of the whip is like this, and it uses orange peel sauce, orange peel, and honey orange candy for topping. The white collision is orange peel and the big orange collision is Honey Orange Candy.

Just scooping the cream, the three kinds of toppings mixed with cream looks good.

Drink a crisp cream a little bit with latte and the fragrance of coffee and the refreshing acidity of orange peel sauce spread out in the mouth and the sour and scent of orange peel occasionally strikes the tooth to the nose. And, the feeling as a crunchy of Honey Orange Candy feels like a sweet. It is said that we are using Valencia syrup and white chocolate syrup, but I do not feel it is too sweet, it is clean with sweetness that is moderate.

I mixed all the cream.

Honey orange candy does not melt, it remains.

Next time I will try drinking hot.

The top of the whip is with the ice cream.

Because the honey orange candy is heavy, the topping will sink with zubsub.

The feeling that I tried drinks is emphasized more sweetness than ice because of warmth, but the orange toppings of three kinds have relaxed sweetness or not "feeling too sweet" but rather moderate.

I also mixed all of them.

I did not see whether Honey orange candy melted while mixing, but the orange peel remained.

This is Candy Orange Frappuccino.

Like the latte on top of the whipped cream, there are lots of orange toppings.

If you drink a little cream and drink it, you can enjoy the sharp texture of Frappuccino's shariari and honey orange candy. By mixing toppings such as orange sauce with Frappuccino, it is feeling that the sense of exhilaration that Frapetino inherently has doubled.

From the bottom he caught a spoon and Frapetcino appeared.

Though it is a limited time menu, the end time is unknown, but those who are interested are better to go early.

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