I have tasted 2 types of Starbucks' summer new Frappucino with plenty of coffee jelly

In recent years, Starbucks coffee has issued coffee jelly-containing Frappuccino as a new product in the summer, but this year we have a caramel flavored "Marble caramel coffee Jelly Frappuccino"When"Double chocolate coffee Jelly FrappuccinoWe released the two types on June 4 (Wednesday). It will be the hottest record in HokkaidoRecord 37 degrees 8 minutesIt was a pretty hot day, so we went to Starbucks for cold things.

Press Release Starbucks original full authentic "coffee jelly" is full!
For coffee lovers as well as for those who would like to have a cup of coffee, the perfect dessert Frappuccino R
~ "Marble Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino R", "Double Chocolate Coffee Jelly Frappuccino R" New Appearance ~


Arrived at Starbucks.

Appeal Frapetcino using coffee jelly even at the store.

Looking at the cash register menu ......

Discover new products using two coffee jellies. I will order it at once.

Take the two kinds of Frappuccino using coffee jelly and go to the table. At first glance it looked like two Frappuccino, but the cream and sauce that it takes above are different.

"Marble Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino" is a Frappuccino with coffee jelly using caramel-flavored sauces and chips.

A caramel sauce is swirling around the cream.

Look good and caramel chips too.

From the side, you can see that the caramel bases are mixed with Frappuccino ... ...

Coffee jelly was also included.

When I tried eating from a cream with caramel sauce, bitter taste was felt firmly, it fits well with the richness of the cream. Caramel chips are crispy texture.

Caramel sauce also has good compatibility with Espresso-based Frappuccino, a combination of different bitterness of caramel sauce and coffee is also good.

The coffee jelly was a big lump.

The coffee jelly itself seems to be sugarless, and the bitter taste of coffee is mixed with the flavor of Frappuccino and it is good. Coffee jelly is not too soft, too soft, you can enjoy a different texture by sucking with a straw.

"Double chocolate coffee Jelly Frappuccino" is a dish of coffee flavored frappuccino mixed with coffee jelly and chocolate chips.

Cocoa powder was topped on the chocolate flavored whipped cream.

From the side, you can see chocolate chips on the upper side and coffee jelly on the lower side.

If you scoop up the cream part and eat it, you will feel the bitter taste and slightly sour taste of chocolate, finished in adult taste not too sweet.

Frappuccino with chocolate chips felt chocolate flavor firmly, it was pretty bitter and the sweetness was modest. The taste of chocolate is stronger than the taste of coffee.

Eating coffee jelly and chocolate chips with Frappuccino makes the taste of coffee stronger and different flavor. The new products of this time received different impressions of what uses the same coffee jelly.

Marble caramel coffee Jelly Frappuccino and double chocolate coffee Jelly Frappuccino are sold until July 15 (Tuesday). All prices are without tax, 570 yen for Toll · 610 yen for Grande · 650 yen for Venti. It is slightly higher price setting.

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