Oreo ate drip coffee ice cream I went to eat Sanitian "Oreojamoka coffee"

A new flavor that mixed oleos and coffee ice cream from Sanity One Ice Cream on Saturday, August 1, 2015Oreo Jamoca Coffee"Has appeared. It is said that the scented oleos and sweet chocolate sauce are applied to fragrant ice cream using drip coffee extracted from beans, and in search of an adult "cool" that seems to be refreshingly hot, I ate it.

Flavor: Oreo ® Jamoca Coffee [B - R Certiane Ice Cream]

Arrived at San Diego.

A new product "Oreo Jamoca Coffee" was already added to the poster.

Jelly Sunday that appeared in AprilIce can also be changed to "Oreo Jamoca Coffee", so I ordered with Corn and Coffee Jelly Sunday.

This is "Regular size Sugar cone" Oreo Jamoca Coffee ".

Ice cream using drip coffee is a flavor in which oleos and chocolate sauce are mixed.

When I tried it, I felt the scent of coffee strong, it was an adult-like flavored ice cream. However, oleos and chocolate sauce are sweet, so it is a delightful finish for children. I felt that I could seem to be chillin when eating kore while watching a movie on a holiday.

Oreo has crashed ones, but there are things like "hit" or not at all.

Although oleos are moist without original feeling of crisp texture, it is recommended to eat together with corn, so it's fun to eat.

Then Coffee Jelly Sunday.

On top of Purupuru's coffee jelly "Oreojamoka coffee" has 1 scoop, whipped cream, 2 oleos.

The bottom side looks like a drink, but plenty of coffee jelly is packed.

The size is a bit smaller than the iPhone 5s.

First of all, trying to eat only "Oreojamoka coffee", the flavor of coffee jelly has been added, and a nice combination for coffee lovers.

Coffee jelly has the same taste as those you can buy at convenience stores and others, but it is perfect for summer desserts because it is solidly chilled.

It is possible even to luxuriously eat iced coffee jelly, oleos, and cream at the same time.

The price varies depending on the store, but the regular cone of "Oreo Jamoca Coffee" was 350 yen including tax, coffee jelly sunday was 440 yen including tax at the store purchased this time. Also, the calories are as follows and if it is Sugar cone + regular it is 310 kcal.

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