I drank Ministop's 'Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee' where you can enjoy the crunchy texture of ice and cacao nibs.

In the 'Guru Kuru' series of desserts that you drink while mixing Ministop, ' Guru Kuru Horoniga Coffee ', which allows you to enjoy the bitterness of cacao nibs and the sweetness of soft serve ice cream, has appeared. 'A well-balanced coffee that gives off a firm bitterness and a sweetness,' so I actually drank it to see what it tasted like.

Guru Kuru Horoniga Coffee
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I ordered 'Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee' at Ministop.

Soft serve ice cream sprinkled with cacao nibs is placed on top of coffee with ice.

It is said that 'the most recommended way to drink is to mix it about 30 times before drinking', so first use the attached straw ...

I will mix it with Guru Guru. As I mixed it, the coffee jelly hidden in the lower layer also came out.

When mixed well, it looks like this. All the soft serve ice cream has melted.

It has a balanced taste of the sweetness of soft serve ice cream and the bitterness of coffee. As for the texture, coffee jelly is strongly insisted, and the texture is more like 'drinking coffee jelly' than 'drinking coffee'. The jelly contains small pieces of ice that break when chewed and cacao nibs that are the same size as the ice, so you can enjoy the fun of 'chewing' while being a jelly.

This time, 'Osamu chocolate' and 'Osamu salt caramel' that can be topped with your favorite menu such as gurukuru and soft serve have also appeared, so I decided to try 'Osamu chocolate'.

The name is chocolate syrup & semi-chocolate.

Sprinkle chocolate like this ...

Mix further.

By applying additional chocolate, the bitterness is almost eliminated and the taste changes to 'chocolate'. For those who are not good at bitter food but want to see what it tastes like, we recommend topping it with chasing chocolate.

The price of 'Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee' is 398 yen including tax, and the price of 'Osamu Choco' and 'Osamu Shio Caramel' is 32 yen including tax. From July 22, 2022, it will be on sale at Ministop nationwide.

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