Lawson "Didaka Pafe (Choco)" tasting review that is in harmony with the whole

The other day's "Men's parfait caramel"Although it is a Lawson's parfait that did not deny a feeling of a little extraordinary, this time again awesome" Hidaka parfait (chocolate) "appeared. It is a type that sells in an amount at an arbitrary level, but when I tried it, the whole balance was well balanced and it became a taste with a coherent taste.

At the same time I tried eating with "Strawberry Printing Parfait" which was newly released.

Review from below.
The raw material of the parade etc. Calories are 811 kcal, 400 yen.

Mousse, chocolate sauce, cake and chocolate exhausted.

Layers are intertwined complicatedly to the bottom.

This is Strawberry Princess Parfa, 418 kcal at 290 yen.

It looks pretty orthodox.

The cake layer and the cream layer alternate.

It was a big parfaity, so I was wondering why it was tasty, but this Daiba parfait was different. The sweetness has become quite dense, thanks to the squeezing chocolate, which makes the sweetness quite dense, creating a stunning balance by intertwining layers of midfield caramel taste and cream and chocolate. The mousse was also a good accent, and it was a dish of satisfaction as a dessert after meals.

On the other hand, strawberry purpafer has the name strawberry as a whole, but the strawberry part is short as a whole, and it seemed like just a pudding a la mode. The price is higher for paralyzed parfait, but it is getting satisfying feeling of that much.

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