"W cream Eclair caramel" tasting review plenty of caramel flavored whipped cream

Former Shimada Shisuke used to acclaim Family Mart's "W Cream Eclair" in the TV program,Really buy and reviewAlthough I had done it, a new caramel flavor appeared in that "W Cream Eclair".

"W cream eculea" was a sweet that was full of custard cream while it was 150 yen but it made me feel great, but how about the caramel flavor?

Details are as below.
W Cream Eclair | Sweets + | Product Information | FamilyMart

"W Cream Eclair" and "W Cream Eclair (caramel)". Both are 150 yen.

Normal is 284 kcal.

Caramel is 285 kcal. It is a subtle change.

The raw material is normal like this.

On the other hand, caramel raw materials. Apparently the amount of sugar and eggs seems to have changed.

"W cream ecclea (caramel)" also has a large amount of custard cream, and as breakfast one can be quite satisfied. However, the sweetness and bitter taste of caramel flavor has a feeling that it is not matched to this product for a moment. This may be due to the first "W Cream Eclair" being completed.

If you want to make a new taste, I would like to eat cocoa (chocolate) flavor and strawberry flavor.

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