I tried the evolutionary chocolate ice "Chocolate Sorbet" without using milk

Featuring a distinctive texture that melts and disappears freshly in the mouth without using milk even though it is a chocolate flavor is limited to Flavors "Chocolate Solve"is. Since it is said that the flavor which was released in the United States in the past and gained popularity will be on sale from June 1, 2015 (Monday), we actually eat what kind of finish it is.

Flavor: Chocolate Sorbet [B - R Thirty Ice Cream]

Product Information: Flavor [B - R Thirtiane Ice Cream]

Arrived at the Sanity One Ice Cream.

In the shop, chocolate solve was introduced as a new flavor in June.

It was put in a showcase like this. At first glance it looks like ordinary chocolate ice ... ...

Anyway I ordered. Chocolate solve is 350 yen including tax, this time I ordered with waffle corn of plus 40 yen this time.

Chocolate solve looks like this.

I will eat a bite with Pakuri. I think that there was a crispy texture in the mouth, melting with Sue, it is more rustling than expected. Regular chocolate ice has a tasteful mouthfeel and aftertaste peculiar to milk, but chocolate sorbets are also refreshing aftertaste. There is richness of chocolate, but there is little bitterness, it is sweet like chocolate candy, so even children can eat without difficulties.

It is a refreshing mouthfeel, so it's easy to eat even in hot weather. I continued to eat more and more but there was not anything inside.

If you look closely, the cross section of the ice cream is slightly different from the chocolate ice of the milk series, and you can see something like ice grains. The texture was between sherbet and ice cream.

In addition, since chocolate solve is limited time sale from June 1st to the end of August, please try to eat people you care about early.

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