I tried a limited time "Oreo matcha" with Orio at Matcha Ice with a lot of things mixed in green tea ice

Even so far in San DiegoIce with mixed oleosAndIce cream cake decorated with oleosHowever, from April 24 (Friday) together with Oreo and matcha ice "Oreo MatchaWe will sell for a limited time. Because it is a Japanese flavor limited to Japan with Saitiwan flavor combined with Japanese and Ocean, so I went to eat at once.

One of the carefully selected domestic green tea ice cream and bitter charm of Oreo. Oleo Matcha for a limited time from Friday, April 24, 2015!
(PDF file)http://www.31ice.co.jp/media/company/PressReleases/r150325_02.pdf

Arrived at a store in San Diego. Many people were making a queue looking for ice, as it was a snack.

I found "Oreo matcha" for showcase. All year sales "MatchaIt was next to next.

This time ordered regular size single (350 yen including tax) with waffle corn (40 yen including tax).

In the vivid yellow green ice cream, Oreo is filled with rags. Matcha is using domestically produced matcha of a deep scent carefully selected.

When I try to eat, the flavor of Matcha is felt faint from ice and bitter is suppressed, making it easier to eat. It has a strong taste and sweetness of milk and taste like green tea milk which is often found in drinks, it is easy to eat as much as you like.

Even if you eat any part of the ice cream, you can have plenty of oleos, and there are goro and large chunks inside. Oreo cookie dough sucks moisture of ice cream and moist. Although it seems that the part of cream seems to have mixed in ice, I could not find it, but the compatibility of odor and sweet matcha ice of a bitter flavor is outstanding.

The waffle corn is crisp and has a slightly buttery flavor. Eating it with ice cream was perfect as a fancier of sweet ice cream.

In addition, "Oreo Matcha" is limited-time sale until the end of July 2015.

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