I tried Lawson's 'Mitsutoro Daigaku-imo' with sweet potatoes in a chewy Chinese steamed bun.

The sweet potato ' Beni Haruka', which is characterized by its creamy and rich sweetness, and ' Mitsutoro University Imoman ', which is entwined with sweet honey, have appeared in Lawson from October 20, 2020 (Tuesday). I actually bought and tried it because it is a 'sweets bun' that combines Chinese buns that you want to eat asexually when it gets cold and university potatoes that are the taste of autumn.

Mitsutoro University Imoman | Lawson Official Website


Arrived at Lawson.

Next to the cash register, I found the desired 'Mitsutoro University Imoman'.

I bought it right away.

It looks like this when you take it out of the bag. The skin of Chinese steamed bun has a reddish purple color like sweet potato.

The actual size is about 8 cm.

When I cut it in half, I saw a diced university potato entwined with honey. The outside of the university food has a slightly firm texture, but the chewy contents allow you to enjoy the rich and simple sweet potato sweetness. The rich sweetness of 'Beni Haruka' is added to the sweetness of the sticky honey, so I feel that it is the perfect Chinese steamed bun when you want to eat sweet and hot sweets in the chilly season. It was.

'Mitsutoro University Imoman' has been available for purchase at Lawson nationwide from October 20, 2020 (Tuesday), and the price is 160 yen including tax.

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