I tried Seven-Eleven 'Smoked Smoked! Cheese Nikuman', which is full of smoky cheese and gravy.

From November 10, 2020 (Tuesday), ' Smoke Kaoru! Cheese Nikuman ' has appeared in Seven-Eleven. Smoked cheese smoked with sakura chips, 3 types of cheese, and juicy pork shoulder loin combined with Chinese steamed buns are said to have a rich taste that makes them addictive, so I actually bought and ate them.

Smoked scent! Cheese meat bun | Seven-Eleven-close and convenient-


Arrived at Seven-Eleven.

At the bottom of the meat bun corner next to the cash register, I found the desired 'smoked smoky! Cheese meat bun'.

I bought it right away.

This is what I put on the plate. The skin was branded with 'smoked'.

The actual size is 8.5 cm.

When I split it in half, the melted cheese and gravy overflowed from the inside.

When you try it, the rich flavor of cheese and the umami of pork spread in your mouth. The scent of smoked cheese is not so strong, and you can feel a slight aftertaste like sausage, but I felt that it is a balance that even people who are 'a little weak at the peculiar habit of smoked cheese' can enjoy the smoky scent.

'Smoked Smoked! Cheese Nikuman' can be purchased at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide, and the price is 140 yen including tax.

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