I tried a rich "Bani Bani Vanilla!" Glimpse of the deep new world of three kinds of vanilla ice in Circuit One

New flavor that you can enjoy three tastes at once with Thirty One Ice Cream, "Classic Vanilla", "French Vanilla" and "White Vanilla"Bani Bunny Vanilla!"Has appeared. While thinking "Three tastes are said to be the same vanilla in the end after all ...", when I tried it at a shop, it was finished to feel the depth of vanilla.

Flavor: Bani Buni Vanilla! [B - R Thirtians Ice Cream]

Arrived at the Sanity One Ice Cream.

Enter the shop ......

Bani Bunny Vanilla! I will order.

This is Bani Bunny Vanilla! . This time I ordered with a corn.

Vanilla ice with shades like custard, vanilla ice creamy with slightly creamy, vanilla ice with whitish vanilla ice cream are marble. The ratio of three vanilla ice is 1: 1: 1.

Slightly yellowish vanilla ice is "French vanilla". With vanilla ice using eggs, it has become a revival of the taste at the time of establishment of Saatiwan. There is richness, a slightly heavy custard creamlike taste, the impression is different from "vanilla ice" I usually eat well, I felt somewhere nostalgic.

And a little creamy ice cream is "classic vanilla". It is "deliciousness of the royal road", and the milk's gentle taste is felt, which is different from French vanilla.

And the vanilla beans are contained in "White vanilla". It is a flavor close to classic vanilla, but the scent of vanilla is somewhat better than milky flavor.

It is ant to enjoy each of the slightly different vanilla ice creams and enjoy three flavors, but when you eat together together, you can mix three kinds of flavors, you can feel rich and enjoy the rich vanilla ice world is.

"The taste is different depending on the type even at vanilla ...!" And surprised by the deepness of vanilla ice cream bani bunny vanilla! Is perfect for eating while it is cold and warm. In addition, the price is 330 yen including tax.

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