I have been eating such rich "Godiva soft cream double chocolate caramel" with rich bitter salt caramel in rich chocolate soft cream

To Godiva's shop, combine chocolate and a slightly salty caramel.Godiva soft cream double chocolate caramel"Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Caramel"Godiva soft cream mix chocolate caramel"Has appeared on Thursday May 19, 2016 (Thursday). It's been a hot day when I want a cool cool ice cream, so I actually went to Godiva and ate it.

Luxurious harmony with a slightly salty caramel "Godiba Soft Cream Double Chocolate Caramel" "Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Caramel" "Godiva Soft Cream Mixed Chocolate Caramel"

So I arrived at Godiva.

First we ordered "Godiva Soft Cream Double Chocolate Caramel".

A lot of caramel is sprinkled on the surface of the soft cream. It was already melting as it was received immediately after ordering.

As soon as I tried it, the double chocolate soft cream that blended the two kinds of dark chocolate with milk is so rich. I feel the bitterness of chocolate and the flavor of chilled milk with richness, and it is a mouth-feel that I want to say "dense!" Anyway. The caramel sprinkled on the surface is exquisite sweetness, bittersweet, slightly salty, and plus a more concentrated thickness in double chocolate soft cream.

It is very soluble, so be careful as it will sag in a blink of an eye.

In the soft cream is chocolate of the 90th anniversary of Godiva's founding ... ___ ___ 0

The caramelized almonds are used for corn and you can enjoy a crispy texture and a rich flavor of caramel.

Also ordered "Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Caramel" caramel was sprinkled on soft chocolate of white chocolate vanilla blended with white chocolate and milk.

There are plenty of caramel on the surface of the soft cream.

It is the same that almonds caramelized in corn are used.

Godiva Soft Cream Double Chocolate So after eating the caramel, it feels quite easy to taste, but the soft cream that the milk flavor is dense and the slight white chocolate is also felt is quite rich as a vanilla soft cream A certain class of. Double chocolate caramel feels slightly thinner as the chocolate has a stronger taste, but the white chocolate caramel feels like the richness of the caramel is on the whole surface.

Even if you eat a topping chocolate with soft cream, it is good.

Lastly ordered Godiva soft cream mix chocolate caramel.

This is half of the soft cream of double chocolate and white chocolate.

There are plenty of caramel and the almond praline is around the cone the same as the other two.

As I tried eating, because the perfection degree of each soft cream is too high, people who want to taste the thick chocolate "Godiba soft cream double chocolate caramel", those who want to taste the mellowness of white chocolate and vanilla "Godiva Soft cream white chocolate caramel "should be ordered, it was feeling that impression of soft cream slightly blurred in double. It seems to be for those who say "Double chocolate is too thick but I want to enjoy chocolate taste" rather than "you can enjoy two tastes."

In addition, "Godiva Soft Cream Double Chocolate Caramel", "Godiva Soft Cream White Chocolate Caramel" and "Godiva Soft Cream Mix Chocolate Caramel" are all 510 yen including tax, provided until September 30, 2016.

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