I have drunk 2 kinds of Linz "Franboise Hot Chocolate Drink" Linz with rich flavored flavors with thick chocolate

Along with Valentine's coming soon, from the linguistic name "Linz" of the premium chocolate brand, the brand will be the first Valentine's Day Limited Drink in the same brand "Franboise Hot Chocolate DrinkTwo kinds of "New Year's Day" appeared on Friday, January 6, 2016. I decided to taste a drink that sweet and sour flambooise (raspberry) was topped in a drink using Linz 's rich chocolate.

Linz's first Valentine drink is lovely pink color and rich flavored flavored rich hot chocolate! Appears for a limited time from January 6 | Linz Chocolat Cafe

Arrived at Linz Chocolat Cafe.

In the shop and in the store, POP of Franboise chocolate drink just appearing was placed. This drink has two kinds of "Dark" which can taste the flavor of cacao and "Milk" plenty of milk feeling are lineup. All prices are 669 yen including tax.

After ordering a few minutes, a drink is ready. Because it is hot chocolate, sleeves are attached to the cup.

Compared to the size of iPhone 7 this much. It is about the S size of coffee sold at convenience stores.

Taking the lid, on top of a pink whipped cream is granulated Flambooise 's Brize and Franboise Sauce, and of chocolateCop(One that scraped the surface of chocolate) was topped. The seasonal feeling of Valentine seems to drift from drinks colored with pink color and chocolate color.

First of all, I will drink from "dark" that you can taste the flavor of cacao. The warmth of the drink is transmitted when you pick it up, but the gap of the coldness that made it a whip cream hinyiri when you touch it is a surprise. You can enjoy a rich flavor by combining whipped cream with sweet and sour flambooise powder and rich flavor of acidic Flambourse Brisee with hot chocolate bitter from below. The chocolate cup topped in "Dark" has also been selected as "Dark" type according to the flavor.

One "milk" is a dish that you can enjoy the flavor of rich chocolate as well as "dark" while tasting the milk's gentleness from the moment of mouth. For chocolate cop, light pale "milk" is chosen. Whichever type you choose, you can enjoy a warm drink perfect for cold winter.

Linz 's Fran - Bowers hot chocolate drink is limited time sale until February 15, 2017, but it is better to stop tasting people who are interested as soon as they are gone. It is offered at all Linz Chocolat Cafe stores, but at the Jiyugaoka Store and Kichijoji Store it is offered at the mug, and only the Ginza shop becomes a glass mug cup and the price is 1234 yen including tax.

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