Godiva launched "Chocolate Rex" which can enjoy Earl Gray scent and white chocolate, so I tried drinking it

A luxurious chocolate drink that uses Godiva's chocolate plenty "Shokorikishi"From March 17, 2015" Spring-Summer limited flavor "Chocolate White Chocolate Earl Gray"Has been added. I added a white chocolate crushed into a cold drink, it is said that it is a drink of black tea flavor, so I went to a shop and drank it.

Perfect for a change of pace! White chocolate and fragrant Earl Gray use "Chocolate white chocolate Earl Gray"

Mina KyotoArrived at Godiva at.

Godiva has a shop with a takeaway only and a shop with cafe space, but Mina Kyoto's Godiva is a type with cafe space.

The seat is like this.

A picture of chocolate white chocolate Earl Gray was decorated also on the cash register. Order immediately.

I waited for a while and handed out Shokorixa.

The size is about the same as iPhone 5, slightly larger than the shortsize of Starbucks. There is a whipped cream on top of the drink.

I tried removing the lid and the lid.

Soft whipped cream has solid milk and is moderately sweet. Because it is powder of Earl Gray tea which is sprinkled, I feel the fragrance of Earl Gray even if I eat only cream.

Since spoons are not attached, if you drink a lot of straws and drink a lot, the fragrance of refreshing Earl Gray will fluffily spread throughout the mouth.

I felt something in the granular form inside a frozen drink with a sharp shirt and saw it had white chocolate crushed into small granules. Because it is a cold drink, it is white chocolate which loses Earl Gray and feels less flavor when drinking, but a rich aftertaste remains.

Looking at the cup from the side, you can see that there are many white chocolate grains.

In addition, Chocolate White Chocolate Earl Gray is limited time sale until August 26 (Wednesday), the price is 590 yen including tax.

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