The ultimate form of drinking chocolate where rich chocolate and cherry blossoms melt together `` Shokori Kisa Sakura '' is a finish that is too high and distinguished from others

Chocolate Mixer Sakura has been available since February 16, 2020, at the Godiva Chocolate Mixer, the ultimate chocolate drink that uses rich chocolate for its luxury. Because the drink that melts the flavor of Godiva's mellow white chocolate and sakura softly is for a limited time, I immediately drank it at the shop.

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Arrived in Godiva.

After ordering, I received Chocolate Mixer Sakura with a thick straw.

Offering only one size, the height of the cup is like this compared to iPhone SE with a total height of 123.8 mm.

The usual chocolate drinker has a lot of whipped cream, but the chocolate drinker Sakura flattened the whipped cream and topped with sakura jelly and pink chocolate chips.

The cherry sauce is visible on the side of the cup.

As soon as I drank it, the first thing that spread to my mouth was a mellow sweetness like strawberry milk. Crushed white chocolate has a crisp texture, and as the chocolate melts in your mouth, the good flavor of relaxed white chocolate spreads out. As expected, there is only Godiva, and the main role is rich white chocolate, and the cherry sauce of cherry sauce adds aroma to it. The cherry sauce with a faint cherry blossom is in harmony with the chocolate and does not kill each other.

Looking at the cup side, there are plenty of white chocolate chips. I will never betray the expectations of chocolate lovers.

Sakura jelly with toppings has the strongest sakura element, and when you take it with a drink, it has a plump texture and a good scent of sakura. As the chocolate melted later, the flavor of the cherry blossoms quickly pulled off, leaving a rich aftertaste of chocolate. It is a drink that can be enjoyed by people who are not good at flavors such as sakura mochi and feels like spring.

In addition, Chocolate Mixer Sakura is 326 kcal and the price is 630 yen excluding tax. It will be available until April 9, but it will end as soon as it runs out.

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