Finally Godikoba with tapioca `` Shokorikisa tapioca Darjeeling '' appeared so I tried drinking

While tapioca drinks gained popularity,

Godica 's frozen chocolate drink “ Shokorixar ” also included “ Shokorixar Tapioca Darjeeling ” with tapioca . I was drinking a little richly because of the compatibility of the rich Godiva chocolate and tapioca.

A special chocolate chocolate with tapioca 'Shocolyxia tapioca Darjeeling' | GODIVA official online shop

Arrived at Godiva.

In the store, I found a poster with Decadeka and “Tapioca” written on it.

This is “Shokorixar Tapioca Darjeeling” (670 yen including tax). The target stores

can be checked from here only at some stores.

You can see a black object at the bottom of the drink, this is tapioca.

Plenty of whipped cream is placed on the drink part, and Darjeeling powder is topped on it.

That's why, as soon as you drink, you can feel the rich scent of Darjeeling in the drink part. The drink contains a mixture of finely crushed white chocolate, which is an accent of texture and sweetness in the mouth. Tapioca at the bottom of the drink is not sweet, but you can feel the flavor of tea firmly. If you drink a sweet drink and chew tapioca, the scent of sweetness and a refreshing darjeeling scent spreads, so the mouth is refreshing and the impression is perfect in the hot summer.

In addition, “Shokorixar Tapioca Darjeeling” is sold at 670 yen including tax for a limited time and in limited quantities from August 23 to December 31, 2019. If you are interested, please take it as soon as possible.

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