I tried to challenge the producer with the board game 'Zombie Land Saga-Nice Game for Your Heart' that leads zombie idols and saves Saga

The board game ' Zombieland Saga-Kimi no Kami ' that will be broadcasted from October to December 2018 and will lead the idol ' Franchesh ' appearing in ' Zombieland Saga ', which was decided to be produced in the second term, as idol producer Kotaro TsujiNice Game SAGA ~ ” appeared on Slow Curve on 29th July 2019 (Monday). In order to save Saga Prefecture, where the existence itself is a front-end lamp, I tried to challenge idol production at the GIGAZINE editorial department in order to nurture the local idol Franchesh into a popular idol group.

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The package looks like this. The brand name “Nice Game SAGA” comes from the title of the fifth episode of the anime.

A member of 'Franchech' with a special make-up is drawn ...

A zombie figure was also drawn to make a pair.

The number of players is assumed to be 1 to 4, and solo play is also supported.

Contents include rule book, 1 Saga scoring map, 28 character cards, 14 mini live cards, 8 large live cards, 36 support cards ...

4 summary cards, 3 solo play cards, 30 money tokens, 20 level tokens, 4 player pieces.

The Saga scoring map uses Saga as a motif, and is designed to place pieces on the points earned by players.

The back side of the map is for special rules, and it is recommended to play after getting used to the normal rules on the front side.

There are 7 types of character cards x 4, with one side being a zombie and the other side being a special makeup idol.

On the money token, Kotaro Tsuji is depicted ...

A note was drawn on the back.

The player piece uses the surface on which the location bus is drawn on the first lap of the Saga scoring map, and the surface on which the second lap is drawn.

As soon as 4 editorial staff members start the game of normal rules. The initial layout of maps and cards is like this.

Shuffle mini-live cards and large-sized live card decks, and place 3 cards face up.

Shuffle the support card deck and each player draws three cards from the top.

Players are given 7 types of summary cards: Sakura, Saki, Ai, Junko, Yugiri, Lily, and Tae, and character cards are arranged with the zombie state as a table. The

Since the summary card describes the flow of the game progress, even the first player to play the game can proceed with the game while checking the procedure.

After deciding the start player, the start player earns 20,000 yen for money tokens, and other players increase 10,000 by clockwise from the start player, and each earns 30,000 yen, 40,000 yen and 50,000 yen.

There are two phases in the game's turn, and you can use as many support cards as you like from the hand in the “Support Phase”. However, you need to pay as many money tokens as you can see in the upper right corner of the card. If you use the following two cards, you will have to pay 0 + 1 10,000 yen money tokens.

The effect of “ Showa Idol ” used is “ Juniko's level +1 ”, so Junko ’s level is increased by 1 and the score after joining the live is 2 points. The level token is displayed near the character card according to the number of levels.

In the 'action phase' two eyes, can earn the money token of 30,000 yen 'byte', givin two support card 'Support acquisition', can be an idle appearance paid the money token of 10,000 yen per person Choose from 5 types of “ Make ” (up to 3 people), “ Lesson ” to add 1 level with 10,000 yen money token, and “ Live ” to get 1 live card The

If you choose to live, you need to keep the number of members in the red frame as idols, and after you earn the live card, you must return the members in idols to zombies.

The player gets the score drawn in the upper left of the live card and the score according to the member's level. In the image below, Level 0 Love and Level 2 Junko participated in the “Ureshino Hot Spring Summer Festival” live, so the player gained 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 points. The score represents the number of fans, equivalent to 20,000 fans per point, so the “Ureshino Onsen Summer Festival” has won 80,000 fans. In addition, the level of love or Junko can be added +1 by the effect of the “Ureshino Onsen Summer Festival” card.

If you have more than 5 cards at the end of the action phase, discard the cards so that there are 5 or fewer cards in your hand. This completes the player's turn and moves to the next player.

If someone wins 40 points for one lap in the Saga scoring map, the other players will take one turn at a time and the game ends. The player with the highest score, the number of fans, is the best producer and the winner of the game.

The yellow player of the start player will level up with the support card “Saganship Z” and increase the money token with “bytes” because there were few initial money tokens.

The 4th red player has plenty of money tokens, so in preparation for the live, “makeup” will be used to prepare special makeup for the members. It is important to get a high score, but one of the ways to enjoy it is to make makeup with priority given to the recommended members.

The 2nd yellow player strengthens Sakura who can get a high score by leveling up. The turn was raised several times, and it was raised to level 3 at once by the effect of the support card ' Tension MAX car '.

“Tension MAX car” can set Sakura level to 3, but level 3 Sakura score is 0, so you can't get fans live. However, if you level up from level 3 to 4 where you can't get fans, your score goes up to 9 at once. If you watched anime, there should be something that comes to mind.

After raising Sakura to level 4, 'Live' is performed in the action phase of the turn that has been around. Double the score of Sakura and Saki with 4 live cards ' Lap Battle '.

As a participating member, select Level 4 Sakura, Level 0 Saki, Level 0 Yugi, Level 0 Lily. 4 + 9 × 2 + 0 × 2 + 2 + 1 = 25 points.

At the same time, 25 x 20,000 people = 500,000 fans were acquired, and a full-time producer was demonstrated.

The green player is chasing after. The green player, who had 5 points and 100,000 fans in a different turn , used ' Sagajin ' in the support phase. The effect is that you can get the number of Level 1 members who participated in the live x 2 points.

In the action phase “Live”, we selected “ Special Attack DANCE ”. Although Saki must be included, Saki's score will be tripled.

Live participation members are Level 1 Yugiri, Level 1 Lily, Level 1 Sakura, Level 0 Love, Level 1 Saki, Support Card Effect, 6 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 1 + With 8 = 29 points, 580,000 fans were captured at once. In addition, since there are not enough level tokens in 4 player play, the number of level tokens is saved by placing tokens on the level numbers. The rulebook recommends using a suitable substitute for the level token.

Advance the piece and overtake the blue player.

However, the blue player who raised Sakura to level 4 is not straightforward. The blue player performs “Onsen Comfort Live”.

Participating member level 4 Sakura, Level 0 love, Level 1 Junko, Level 0 Lily, scored 6 + 9 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 19 points and gained 380,000 fans. The total score is 44 points.

Play Saga scoring map one lap in no time, and get 5 points that are additional points when passing. Since 40 points have been reached, the other players perform their turn once and finish the game.

At the end of the game, 3 points will be added because the blue player had a ' girl ' card.

The blue player who won 52 points in total, attracted 52 × 20,000 = 1,040,000 fans and showed his skill as a producer, was the winner.

'Zombieland Saga-Nice game for your heart' is compatible with solo play, so you can play alone. When playing alone, the game will proceed according to the contents drawn on the three solo play cards, and the initial money token will be 20,000 yen.

There is a hard mode on the back of the solo play card, so you can challenge by changing the difficulty level.

Each card has anime lines and small stories about Saga, so you can enjoy it just by looking at the card. However, despite the theme of the game 'Saving Saga Prefecture, the presence itself is a windy lamp', I cannot get more information about Saga Prefecture than the content introduced in the game. I was a little lonely. Even if the presence of Franchesh and Saga increased in the world of the game, the presence of Saga did not increase much in the brains of the players who played the game. If you are not watching anime, it will be a chance to learn more about Saga Prefecture.

The game itself can be played in a short time and can be played while checking the procedure of the game with a summary card, so even those who do not know anime at all can easily enjoy it. Paying the cost and tailoring from zombie to idol and the effects of cards such as “Tension MAX car” and “Special Attack DANCE” have successfully dropped the contents of the animation into the game, while looking back on the contents of the animation Since you can play, it is recommended to play once before watching Zombie Land Saga 2nd.

'Zombieland Saga-Nice Game SAGA' is available for purchase at Amazon.co.jp for 3240 yen (tax included) at the time of article publication.

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