Starbucks' chocolate brownie series tasting review with crunchy feel like dessert

A rich thick chocolate cake baked flat is "chocolate brownie". This time I made this brownie and mellow whipped cream, rich caramel sauce, pecan nuts and a dessert-like finish combined with "Chocolate brownie mocha"(All tax included, Short 430 yen, Tall 470 yen, Grande 510 yen, Venti 550 yen)"Chocolate Brownie Mocha Frappuccino"(Tax included, Short 450 yen, Tall 490 yen, Grande 530 yen, Venti 570 yen). I decided to try it because it seems to be perfect for the season when I want sweets with contents that seems to be enjoyable as a snack.

Special cafe mocha limited to Japan that toppings original chocolate brownies and rich caramel sauce ~ "Chocolate brownie mocha" "Chocolate brownie mocha frappuccino" appeared from December 26 for a limited time ~

Arrived at Starbucks.

The product of this time is this kore. In Starbucks, cacao content 59%Couvert Tulle ChocolateIt is said that he is developing and using chocolate brownies using.

I bought it immediately. The tall size of chocolate brownie mocha on the left, tall size of chocolate brownie mocha Frappuccino on the right.

It's not hot from chocolate brownie mocha hot. A chocolate brownie looks like a cookie, and a caramel sauce is put around.

Brownies and the like are put on steamed milk, but it melts with the warmth of espresso and it will slow down slowly so be careful.

A bite of chocolate brownies before it completely sinks. It is felt that sweetness of chocolate stands well with moistness by heat. Also, when you eat with caramel sauce you can feel a rich sweetness, and when you eat it with espresso you will feel sweetness and bittersweet at the same time, you can enjoy a change in taste. Brownie sinks quickly, and it melts completely in espresso, you can hardly feel the taste, so it seems better to think that it is pleasure only for the first few moments.

Next is chocolate brownie Mocha Frappuccino. Even if time goes by, chocolate brownies and others will not sink quite easily.

Therefore, you can enjoy the taste of chocolate brownie slowly. Toppings of fragrant pecan nuts, plenty of caramel sauce, plus a soft sweetness of milk, you can enjoy a rich sweetness. I would like to have something warmer than seasonally cold one, but brownies etc are not melted, the desert is like this one.

Together with Frappuccino a bit of bitterness is added. Brownie was a little bigger and wanted to increase the amount, if I wanted it, I felt.

If you enjoy chocolate brownie mocha as a drink, chocolate brownie mocha frappuccino is right if you want dessertiness.

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