How to locate and delete old mail attachments to free up Gmail's free space


At last it used up almost all of Gmail's total capacity of 10.1 GB, and it became impossible to receive mail.

Like this

So I looked for "How do I erase all attached mail with large attachments all at once?" And found that there was a method on Google's Gmail official blog. It is said that there is a new search method officially supported since November this year.

Search for emails by size and more in Gmail

The way is simple, for example, if you want to find an email with attached file with a file size of 5 MB or more,Size: 5 m"And click the search button

Then it will be listed in a row like this

It is also possible to narrow down to the period. "When the attachment file size is 5 MB or more in the mail that has passed in the past one year or more", "Size: 5molder_than: 1y"And click the search button

After that, I put all of them together in the trash can and then click on "Empty [Trash can] now" to free up space at once.

It drastically declined to 0.3 GB, clean.

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