Tully's varista contest Best drinks "Almond Praline Soilate" and "Honey White Mocha" have been drunk

From Tuesday, Wednesday, February 18, Tully 's winning the Best Drink Award in the company's Barista ContestAlmond praline soy latte"When,"Honey white mochaWe sell for a limited time only. It was a perfect drink for the cold season, so I went to the store at once.

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Arrived at Tully's coffee.

Appeal new items even in front of shops.

After entering the shop ......

I found a new item also on the cash register. I will order it at once.

Waiting The menu arrived at less than 5 minutes. Since almond praline soyrate is a soy milk drink, a seal written as "SOY MILK" is affixed.

When opening the lid, it looks like this.

Almond praline soyrate is on maple sauce and almond praline crunch.

There are plenty of toppings on top of the cream.

When scooping the cream and eating it, maple 's sweetness and sweetness almonds match well with cream, a combination like a confectionery. Since there are plenty of cream, if it melts in latte it will be pretty rich.

Soy milk is used for Latte, but it is not discomforting and it is addicted to it, making people who do not like soy milk is likely to drink. It seems that many people will accept it because it is made to be able to drink even people who do not like bitter taste and dislike coffee.

Honey White Moca is a dish of tofu with cream and honey for a modestly sweet caffe mocha that melted white mocha.

There are plenty of honey on top of the cream, but white chocolate does not seem to hang on.

First of all, when scooping from the cream and eating it, the scent of coffee was faintly felt, and the honey of sweetness gentle to the cream of soft texture was fitting well.

Mocha with white chocolate does not feel bitter taste of coffee so much, and can hardly feel the taste of white chocolate, but there is richness, making sweetness is moderate and easy to drink. Both almond praline soilate and honey white mocha can be ordered with ice, but since maple sauce and honey melt firmly in latte, it seems better to order hot rather.

In addition, almond praline soyrate is shorter 430 yen, Toll 480 yen, Grande 530 yen, Enorume 580 yen, Honey white mocha each with tax 450 yen · Toll 500 yen · Grande 550 yen · Enorume 600 yen each including tax I will. It is also recommended for those who do not drink coffee usually because even bitter taste bitterness and people not good at coffee making it easy to drink.

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