Headline news on 14th January 2015

Sony"FDR-AXP 35" and "FDR-AX 30" equipped with the spatial optical image stabilization function for the first time as a 4K handy camWe will release it on February 20 (Friday). In both cases, the volume is reduced by about 30%, the mass is reduced by about 20% compared with the current model "FDR - AX100", and it evolved to be compact and lightweight. It also supports shooting at a high bit rate of 4 K / 100 Mbps.

By the way, the past article of GIGAZINE of the same month in the same month was like this.

I tried running Android and Linux on a super-small PC "CuBox-i1" with about 5000 yen - GIGAZINE

Game "CATLATERAL DAMAGE" game that unfolds one's neck punch one after another to mess up the room - GIGAZINE

One article 500 yen "As much as possible, please give us a sentence that seems to be scary as radioactivity" Discovering the existence of article creation request - GIGAZINE

Performance improves by exporting uneasy feelings before the exam, so that "you can produce yourself in production" - GIGAZINE

I tried staying at the Imperial Room of "Hotel Live Artex" which is full of facilities, parties and events can also be done - GIGAZINE

Fish Picchi Pichi attacked "Osaka-shi central wholesale market" at 4 AM and tried overwhelmed by second highest handling volume in Japan - GIGAZINE

Is it a witch's work? A strange succession incident that horse mane is knitted - GIGAZINE

Ousis of Peru that seems to appear in novels and movies "Huacachina" - GIGAZINE

NASA aircraft "Helios" flying with solar cells - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `): Takatoshi Okawa" Mahomet is it "- Livedoor blog

VIPPER me: 【image】 彡 (゚) (゚) "Do you sleep soon ...?"

[Image] Results of watching inside of my own PC for the first time in 3 years wwwww: IT bulletin

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The era of self-study came: Agora - livedoor blog

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Shirley · Ebudo paper summary of each cartoonist drawn to a gun shot incident - Togetter Summary

LINE Between Teachers and Students Prohibited Saitama NHK News

Full-standard bullet train in Yamagata to high-speed transportation network "to average level" | Hebei Shimbun online news

Elephant destroys cars and eating places, gardens and astringent Thai national park photos 1 International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Mitsuri Matsushima, Mr. Katsumi Watanabe, None of Tokyo Prosecution: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Abandoned Muslim facilities and other NHK news

An important choice that terrorism has faced France: JBpress (Japan Business Press)

A few days before Paris' terrorist attacks, a book arrived at my office. This is a book by Laurent Cohen Tanyuz "What's Wrong with France?"

On my bookshelf, there are books with titles much like this. France on the Brink (France on the brink), France in Denial (France rejecting reality), "France in Freefall (France swoop)" and "France's Suicide (France's suicide)" lineup.

In "decliningism", the United States is only an amateur. Terrorists who hit France last week attacked a country already experiencing a serious confidence loss crisis.

French worries pointed out by the decliningists are diverse. Race among tensions, the rise of extreme political thought, high unemployment rate, increased debt, declining influence in the international community, spread of contempt for the elite of the rulers and so on.

"Bully taken naked in 3DS" Litigation settlement Ibaraki: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Sealing people who!" Road sign alteration successive Osaka · Kyoto Prefectural police investigation - Sankei WEST

South Africa suffering from power shortage, a major blow to the economy due to planned blackouts International News: AFPBB News

【I wanted to challenge power】 Osaka, graffiti on road signs in Kyoto, French artists involved - Togetter Summary

"The culprit was losing humor" Buddha paper cartoonist cartoonist interview: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Germany is one year ahead of schedule and finances surplus for 14 years, for the first time in 45 years: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

African economy: the twilight of "curse of resources"? : JBpress (Japan Business Press)

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【Core of Impact Case】 He is a handsome guy who met in the net space ... Sakura ... "Woman is easy to hamer", frantised site management company "fake technique" (1/4 page) - Sankei WEST

French people do not know "Freedom of Expression": philosophy news nwk

VIPPER I: I'm traveling in the car with a light wagon, but let's write something useful if there is one

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On the relationship between jQuery and Sizzle - console.lealog ();

So-net | Unauthorized Access to So-net Mail Service

Complete blog complete HTTPS and share the transition process from HTTP to HTTPS | Overseas SEO information blog

16 years of SEO history is a free blog "Why Hatena is weak against SEO" reason reasons - Usumo

First time MQTT

One-click fraud evolved to lock the smartphone's browser | Symantec Connect

When you try to close this popup window, the first registration window will reappear. The two windows continue to appear alternately, effectively rendering the browser hostage by this website. Installed applications other than the smartphone itself and the browser can be used, but you can not use the browser.

You may not be able to close the fraudulent website in the browser or open a new tab to access other websites and you may need to call the customer center on the adult movie site unavoidably. Once you make a phone call, you will be obliged to pay 99,800 yen for 1 year as registration fee. At the time of survey, the link to guide the page to be able to watch adult movies was broken, and the page was not found.

Plus 1,080 yen, first-class hire car "VIP taxi" was born!

Compact size and light weight reduction by approximately 30% relative to the existing machine, mass about 20% reduction achieved 2 models of 4K * handycams first equipped with "Spatial Optical Image Stabilization" function - In addition, high image quality and versatile shooting functions Three realized HD handycams are also released | Press Release | Sony

【Honda Masakazu's AVTrends】 Efforts of each TV maker to "HDR" the biggest trend after 4K - AV Watch

【Urgent】 Morioka Region About Suspension of SNS Server | Morioka City

About server down of Morioka area SNS "Morionet" that we are managing in Morioka City, we announced on the website on January 5, 2015, but we have notified server housing and maintenance manager 2015 We suspended business on January 5th year and will file a bankruptcy claim, and Morioka City has just collected a server for the protection of personal information protection etc. Currently we are considering where to move the server so that it can be restarted, but for now the prospect of resumption is not standing.

"Wi-Fi Dual Band Relay Function" that Realizes Optimum Wireless Relay "Launches 11ac Compatible Home Router (January 14, 2015): Press Release | NEC

I tried using Cloud Pi. (Server side setting) | Switch Science Magazine

Cheap Windows Tablet Setup - Poetry and creative thinking platform

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Animax, non-contractor also sells pre-paid cards that can watch anime unconditional VOD on Famima - Phile-web

"Pain Suica" stuck on the seal, is it okay to use? JR East "Fear of equipment problems" - ITmedia news

Ship this Arcade Official Site | SEGA

Thinking about graffiti 1 story udon no Oniki is different from the original story - Things you think about · Rikio's blog · blog

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Take Toriya "a teacher"! Hanshin · Wada coach, Hojo is a strict baseball game

I got fewer players who will end the season when I get hurt: Nikkan Yakiniku

Tomohiro Machiyama Tells Angelina Jolie director's work "Anne Broken"

Painful news (No ∀ `): Takeshi furious" Trying to become my disciple, I will encounter a half-killed eyes "with actor Negishi Takuya (18) - Livedoor blog

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Nikon | News | Press Releases: Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera for Families equipped with Variable Angle LCD Monitor with Touch Panel Operation Launched

Nikon | News | Press Release: Release of the compact digital camera "COOLPIX S3700" equipped with an optical 8 × zoom lens in a thin and light body

Nikon | News | Press Release: Releases the AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200 mm f / 4-5.6 G ED VR II telephoto zoom lens compatible with the Nikon DX format

Nikon | News | Press Release: Releases the AF-S NIKKOR 300 mm f / 4 E PF ED VR telephoto single focus lens compatible with Nikon FX format

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