Homemade coffee jelly & salt caramel sauce was bought with oversized cafe au lait "Salt caramel jellico" drank with comeda coffee

A dessert style spring and summer drink that tastes coffee boasted of Kommeda coffee shop to jelly and mixed with iced coffee is "Jericho"is. Besides iced coffee + coffee jelly + whipped only "plain gelico", from July 1st (Wednesday) Ice cafe au lait combined with whipped and salt caramel sauce "Salt caramel JellicoSince it is added to the menu, I decided to go to a shop and drink it.

Jericho 2nd bullet! "Salt caramel Jellico" is on sale New product / campaign | Coffee house comeda coffee shop

Arrived at Komeda coffee shop.

I got a seat and found the "Jellico" series in the menu table. Jellico is a seasonal limited drink of spring and summer, "July 1st" replaces "Choco nut Jelico" which had been on sale until June 30th "Salt caramel Jellico" is newly appearing.

Because the inside of the store was crowded at lunch time, "Salt caramel JERICO" (580 yen including tax) arrived in about 10 minutes to wait from the order.

The comeda coffee shop drinks are huge in size, but salty caramel Jericho is also quite big size. Looking at the iPhone 5s next to the glass, the height of salt caramel Jericho is about 1.5 times the height of the iPhone 5s, and if you grab a glass you feel a weight heavily.

A whip cream of heaping is served well above the drink. A straw was prepared for the straw so that coffee jelly is easy to suck.

On top of the whipped cream is a delicious caramel sauce and crispy thin biscuit cookie.

The drink part is a cold cafe au lait, a finely crashed coffee jelly is floating.

As soon as you drink with a straw, the coffee jelly is soft and tastefully tasted and you can drink with a straw together with the cafe au lait. A bitter ice cafe au lait and a slightly sweet coffee jelly were mixed in the mouth with just good balance and those who did not usually drink coffee were also finished in a drink that was supposed to be drinking quite a bit.

Jelly can be scooped with a spoon but you can eat it, but it is moderate hardness enough to suck up with a straw so it is better to mix it with the cafe au lait.

The whipped cream with caramel sauce has a rich milk flavor, and a caramel sauce also circles the circle to enhance the sweetness of the drink, but the salt that is mixed in the caramel feels like pulling the whole drink. Sweetness The discreet cookie was crispy and it was an accent of texture.

You can also take a scoop of whipped cream and jelly with a spoon and eat it like dessert.

When ordering drinks, bean cake enters the sachet as omake.

My coffee jelly and whipped cream made my mouth sweet, so salty sweets were perfect for mouth rest.

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