Mysterious new sensation Desert drink · Jellico "Drinking and Pudding" has been tasted at the Komeda coffee shop when drinking when it is drunk in the mouth

From June 1, 2017 (Thursday) a new sensation desert drink menu with three ways to enjoy "drink" "to eat" "mix" is added to "JERICO" of a new tasteDrinking and drinking"Has appeared. There was plenty of caramel jelly in the milkshake and it was a strange dessert drink that makes it a pudding in the mouth when you drink it with a straw, so I went to the Komeda coffee shop to see how much it is pudding It was.

That's why I came to the Komeda coffee shop right away.

A poster etc advertising Jellico was not affixed outside the store or a prominent place, but I found a menu of New Jericho at the seat. From June 1, as Jelico of plain "Drinking and Pudding" of a new taste has appeared as "grandfather", I will order both.

Jericho arrived in two minutes from the order. Jericho comes with a set of large straws and spoons of drinking mouth and bean confectionery.

Compared to the iPhone 7 size of the glass it is a lot like this with such feeling.

The top of the drink was covered with whipped cream, cherries and caramel sauce.

When you see the glass from the side, you can see that there are many brown ones in the milkshake, but this is caramel jelly.

So I will insert a straw and drink it at once.

The sweet flavor of the milkshake and the caramel jelly with a distinctive texture are mixed in the mouth, the pudding is completed in the mouth, exactly the taste perfect for the product name "Purine when drinking". As you can see from the straw when you actually drink, there is more caramel jelly than you imagined, the feeling of dessert is stronger than drinking rather than drinking.

You can eat with caramel jelly and whipped cream inside with a spoon. This makes the feeling of dessert even higher.

Next, I will drink Coffee Jelly in the coffee "grandfather".

It's simple with only whipped cream on top.

Although I do not know in appearance, I have plenty of coffee jelly in it.

So I will try to drink it. There is plenty of coffee and coffee jelly and it feels like "I'm drinking coffee jelly". Compared to "drink and purine", sweetness is overwhelmingly suppressed, refreshing taste. Of course it is also possible to melt the whipped cream and change the whole more sweetly.

Fresh cream is sweet & brewumy.

Coffee jelly in it has quite a big one, and it is preeminent to eat. If you drink a cup by myself, it is Boryumi that men get pretty hungry.

Also, the bean confection that orders Jellico looks like this.

It was small but it was salty and it was perfect for accompanying Jericho.

In addition, "When drinking and purine" is 620 yen including tax, "original grandfather" is scheduled to sell until late July 2017 with tax 540 yen.

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