I tried a new taste of drink · Jellico with coffee jelly of comeda, "Milk coffee" with richness and "Caffemoca" with a rich sweetness

To the dessert drink "JERICO" of the comeda coffee shop that added whipped cream and drink to crushed coffee jelly, you can taste the richness while suppressing the bitter coffeeMilk coffee"Plus ice cocoa"Cafe mocha"Appeared on Monday, April 23, 2018. I went to the shop to tell what kind of drink it is.

From April 23 (Monday) New comedy new sensation Desert drink "Jericho" appeared fresh! 20180416 - View.aspx
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I came to Komeda coffee shop.

There was not a poster etc. informing of the appearance of Jericho 's new flavor in the place where it was conspicuous such as in front of the shop, but found a menu of Jericho added with a new flavor in the shop. This time I will order Jericho's milk coffee and caffe mocha (600 yen for each tax).

Jericho's milk coffee and cafe mocha arrived in about 5 minutes. Both are using a thick straw to drink coffee jelly.

I will drink from the new flavored milk coffee. The size of Jericho who entered the glass like a mug is well understood that it is plentiful in volume with iPhone 7 with long side 138.3 mm.

Whipped cream is settled as a topping.

You can see the milk coffee of the comeda coffee shop slightly coffee colored from the glass and the coffee jelly being crushed and mixed. By the way Coffee Jerry is a dish that is stocked for each shop.

As I drank it, I felt the richness of coffee in the milk flavor, combined with modest coffee jelly, refreshing with milk in it. I feel the taste of coffee, but the acidity and bitterness are modest, so it is finished in a drink easy to drink while having the coffee flavor.

When melting the whipped cream it is possible to add fluffy texture and creamy flavor. It is finished in a dessert drink that has enough volume to satisfy even adult men with both rich flavor and refreshing taste by milk and coffee.

Next I will try to drink caffe mocha, drink that combined iced cocoa with coffee jelly, although it was popular with 2016, it was finished offering, but this time it was renewed and it appeared.

The topping whipped cream has a chocolate sauce on it.

Ice cocoa in the drink part has coffee jelly crushed finely like milk coffee.

I tried drinking, Ice cocoa which feels a sweet and rich flavor. Coffee Jelly's bitterness is accentuating the sweetness of cocoa.

The flavor of the whipped cream and the bitterness of the chocolate sauce are matched. Mixing with the drink part makes it possible to add texture and creaminess as fluffy as other Jeliko.

Jericho's milk coffee and cafe Moka are limited-time dessert drinks scheduled to be delivered until Sunday, September 30, 2018. Although it is possible to order at the Komeda coffee shop nationwide, in some shops there is a price Please be aware that the presence or absence of handling is different.

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