'Crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino' with authentic coffee jelly for coffee lover from Starbucks appeared and it tried drinking

Dessert based drink " Crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino " combined with Frappucino which quenched the freshly extracted espresso and quickly cooled the coffee jelly made with "espresso roast" which is often used in the base of Starbucks drink "2019 2 It has appeared on Thursday, 28th (Thursday). At the same time, a new classic " Moose Form Caramel Machiato ", which made plenty of fluffy mousse foam in Starbucks' classic "caramel macchiato", appeared, so I immediately drank it at a shop.

A new experience to extend the possibilities of coffee's passion and the best possible cup of coffee for customers from Starbucks! "Crafted Coffee Jelly Frapechino®" and "Moose Form Caramel Maquiart" will be released on Thursday, February 28th.

Arrived at Starbucks.

Starting February 28, 2019 Tokyo, Nakameguro, Tokyo, Nakameguro is opening a high-end store " Starbucks Reserve Roast Tree Tokyo " with around 1,000 yen coffee, so that two new items also pushed "coffee" all the way It is.

After ordering, we received Moose Form Caramel Maquia and Crafted Coffee Jelly Frappuccino.

First off from the crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino.

Crafted Coffee Jelly Frappuccino is a drink that uses plenty of original coffee jelly made with Starbucks' Espresso Roast.

On top of the coffee whipped cream was sprinkled with fresh meat of coffee cherries and caustic sugar made from hulls.

As this cascara sugar was lining up in the shop with cocoa, orange vanilla sugar and cinnamon, it was free to be able to add to the drink ......

I tried to scratch it.

That's why I got a whipped cream. A sweet whipped cream with a rich milk flavor is like a "coffee milk", but it is truly a coffee shop and there is a marvelous rich coffee scent with marketing coffee milk. However, because of the strength of the scent of coffee, the flavor of cascara was not impressive.

Frappuccino quickly cooled the freshly extracted espresso and finished it without spoiling the flavor. Although there is sweetness, coffee's bitterness is solid, it is a refreshing drinking mouth.

I received a thick straw, so when using it the jelly at the bottom gets steadily into my mouth. There was no sweetness in the jelly itself, and the finish that the coffee's flavor and bittern felt firmly was a finish. Starbucks Frappuccino has a lot of sweet desserts, and crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino is a sweetness "coffee lover" coffee jelly drink. On the other hand, because bitterness is less than regular coffee, it seemed good for those who say, "I do not like the coffee's bitterness but I like the fragrance".

Next, "Moose Form Caramel Machiato". While drinking crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino the caramel on the surface sank slightly in the mousse foam.

It is a beautiful 3 layers with mousse foam, coffee, milk from the top.

As the base is caramel macchiato which is the standard of Starbucks, when you drink using a straw, the coffee's bitterness and the caramel's sweetness merge, the usual taste with a sense of security.

The moose foam with the most characteristic features fluffy. This foam is not just foam milk, rather a little bit of aroma, finish with a marshmallow. It is delicious that you want to eat alone as a sweet, so you can enjoy caramel macchiat which became richer.

In addition, crafted coffee Jelly Frappuccino is 590 yen without tax for tall size only and is available until March 19th (Tuesday). Mousse foam caramel macchiat is 460 yen excluding tax only for ice · tall size, this is treated as a regular menu rather than a limited time item.

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