Fresh fruit crash & tea "" Fruit crush & cream frappuccino "full of fruit that Starba new work, surprisingly fragrant berry hit in hot tea

Hot drink for autumn / winter using strawberries and apple etc finely cut from Starbucks "Fruit crush & tea"And a blend of fruit sauce and iced tea"Fruit crush & amp; cream Frappuccino"Has appeared for a limited time from Thursday, October 1, 2015. "Drinkable Fruit (a drink that enjoys fruity pulp of fruit)"I'm trying to find out what the taste of Starbucks' new sensation drink is, at the store.

New choice called "Drinkable Fruit" in Starbucks New tea-based hot drink "fruit crush & tea" newly released on October 1, where you can taste the texture of fruit pulp.

Arrived at Starbucks.

The big posters in front of the shop were changed to those of new products.

I will order "Fruit Crush & Tea" (Tall · Tax included 460 yen), "Fruit Crush & amp; Cream Frappuccino" (Tall · Tax included 550 yen) at once.

Two received drinks look like this. When drinking at a shop, the staff suggested that "hot drinks are better for mugs", so we had fruit crush & tea in the mug.

I will try drinking fruit crush & tea before I get cold. Upon receipt, "Tea bags get astringent if they go over 4 to 5 minutes, so please take them out with your favorite darkness".

That's why I took out a tea bag in about three minutes. Finely chopped fruits are floating on the surface, which is a drink that you can feel amazingly fruity berry scent. As I drink it, fruit tea blended well with warm tea with fruit acidity and jam sweetness will eat warmed fruits every time you drink, so unlike common fruit tea fruits It has become possible to enjoy the feeling firmly.

The jam that it is inside is easy to settle, so it seems that you can drink deliciously until the end when you drink while stirring several times.

Scooping the pulp with a spoon looks like this. At first I thought, "Is there little fruit ...??" I thought that, although fruit remained even when drunk to the end, this might be just right. Fruit tea with a strong fragrance may have unique taste, but fruit crush & tea has become able to enjoy the scent and taste, it is a hot tea that can be shaken in the cold weather season.

After calming with a warm drink, I will try a cold fruit crush & amp; cream frappuccino.

Whip to the top.

Looking from the side like this. It is frappuccino blended with milk cream, sauce made with apple, strawberry pulp and fruit juice with ice tea. It is said that it is in the form of a marble, but because it was left for a while, a red sauce had settled on the bottom.

When you drink it, you can taste the fruit juice of berry fruits with a refreshing drink feeling refreshing sour taste. It is a pleasant place to drink so much with moderate sweetness. Like fruit crush & tea, sauce will accumulate on the bottom, so it seems good to drink while mixing well.

Scooping with a spoon, it also contained grain pulp.

As whip does not use sugar as usual frappuccino, even if it mixes well, it never gets too sweet.

Fruit crush & amp; cream Frappuccino is provided only for Tall (550 yen including tax), but fruit crush & tea is Tall (460 yen for tax), Short (420 yen for tax), Grande (500 yen for taxes), Venti Choose from 4 sizes of 540 yen including tax). Both are limited-time sales from October 1 (Thursday) to November 4 (Wednesday).

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