I tried actually using a palm-sized 'Showa mini radio-cassette' that can insert a mini-cassette and record and play radio

TheShowa Series, which brought back the nostalgic home appliances in miniature size using modern technology, has appeared from Takara Tomy Arts on February 28, 2019. ' Showa mini radio cassette player ' is a gadget that can record the sound of the radio inline to the body, and can also record the sound around using the microphone attached to the body, so it is possible to listen to AM / FM radio, so it is actually I tried to use it.

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You can watch the following movie as you actually insert the cassette into the 'Showa Mini radio cassette player' and record the radio. The function that reproduces the sound unique to the Showa mini radio cassette player 'Kurkyurukyuru' when fast-forwarding and rewinding the Showa senses me.

It looks like this when you actually use 'Showa mini radio-cassette'-YouTube

The Showa mini radio-cassette package is written in pastel and colorful wallpaper as 'We used to love radio-cassettes in the old days.'

The Showa mini radio-cassette main body, cassette, cassette case, seal, instruction manual was contained in it.

The Showa mini boombox is 'palm size', but the size is appropriate size: width 121 mm x height 64 mm x depth 34 mm and 'size of palm'.

There are antennas, volume dials, microphones, various buttons for operation, cassettes / radio selector switches, AM / FM selector switches, and song selection dials on the top surface.

When receiving FM radio etc., extend the rod antenna to make it easy to catch radio waves.

There is a handle at the rear of the top surface. There is no gap for inserting a finger, so it is like holding on to the handle.

The cassette holder is attached to the front of the main unit.

The cassette can be inserted and removed by pressing the cassette eject button.

I will try to use it. The Showa mini boombox is a gadget that works with AAA batteries. First remove the screw on the battery cover on the back ...

Set the battery while paying attention to the plus or minus direction, and close the battery cover again.

Turn on the power switch on the side of the main unit.

Then the LED light on the front of the body turned on and the body turned on. Preparation is OK now.

Set the cassette / radio switch to 'RADIO' and switch to the band you want to hear the AM / FM switch. The track selection dial has no detailed memory, and only the start and end points and the middle point of the reception frequency range are shown.

The dial display on the front of the Showa mini boombox is a decoration. To adjust the frequency finely, it is important to turn the dial carefully while listening to the flowing sound carefully.

You can listen to the radio program you want to listen by twisting the song selection dial and adjusting the frequency. The reception frequency range is from 522 kHz to 1629 kHz for AM broadcast and 76 MHz to 108 MHz for FM broadcast.

The following video is the one I actually listened to AM broadcast. In addition, AM radio becomes easy to receive when putting the main body by the window for the convenience of receiving radio waves. The song selection dial has no memory, so it is difficult to find out the frequency. After roughly adjusting the frequency, turn the dial slowly to adjust the frequency.

I tried to listen to AM broadcast using 'Showa Mini Boombox'-YouTube

Once the channels match, you can continue listening without problems. The sound quality is not as good as recent radios, but it can be heard without problems.

The Showa mini radio cassette player can use the included cassette to record AM / FM broadcasts 'in-line recording' and 'external recording' recording from the microphone attached to the main unit.

The cassette has a size that fits in the hand, and is approximately one third of the

compact cassette . There are A side and B side, and it is possible to record up to 5 minutes each with one data in each side. This cassette is just one of the props, and the recorded data is not recorded on the cassette's magnetic tape, but is stored in the Showa mini radio cassette player itself.

The cassette comes with a cassette case and a title sticker. It is also possible to make your own cassette using a title sticker or cassette label.

Press the cassette eject button and set the side you want to record to the outside.

Recording an ambient sound For external recording, set the cassette / radio switch to 'TAPE' and press and hold the record button, the LED light on the front will start blinking and recording will start.

Press the stop button to end recording.

When playing, set the cassette, set the cassette / radio switch to 'TAPE' and press the play button to play the audio.

You can see how you actually record your voice externally, play back and check it in the following movie. Resilient resistance of the spring of the lid when closing the cassette storage, and the sound of 'Gachakon' at the start and end of recording, remember the nostalgic feeling that can not say anything.

I tried actually using the recording function of 'Showa mini radio cassette player'-YouTube

When rewinding or fast-forwarding, the unique sound of 'Kurkyuru' unique to the radio cassette player will make you feel well. You can check how it is actually used in the following movie.

I tried using the rewind fast forward function of 'Showa mini radio cassette player'-YouTube

In practice, AM / FM radio is sound quality that can be heard sufficiently, but the noise when setting the tune selection dial and the white noise flowing behind are lost in the modern day when the radio became clear on the Internet It is a symbol of a certain analog era and has a very nostalgic sound. In particular, when radio conditions are bad and radio broadcasts can not be received, 'Is the radio wave bad ...... Is the antenna suitable for this direction ......?' , I can not experience with the radio via the Internet.

The movement of inserting a cassette into the deck of a radio cassette player and the feel of a push button are something that can not be tasted quite in the modern day when touch panel operation has become commonplace. In particular, my voice recorded using the recording function sounds like a Showa filter, and it evokes nostalgic thoughts. I felt that the 'Showa mini radio-cassette' is closely resembling a Showa-style radio cassette, despite being a miniature.

The Showa Mini Boombox is available from February 28, 2019 for a suggested retail price of 5480 yen. At Amazon.co.jp, it was possible to purchase for 3990 yen including tax.

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