Cool smoother with summer fruit, I drank McDonald's 'Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie' 'Mango & Pine Smoothie'

On McDonald 's McCafe by Barista, a limited - time smoothie using fruits " Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie " and " Mango & Pine Smoothie " appeared on July 11, 2018 (Wednesday). I tried a smoothie of red meat melon from Hokkaido and a tropical smoothie with mango & pine

McDonald's 89 stores only "McCafé by Barista" comes out with two smoothies which are perfect for summer! ! You can enjoy mellow melon scent and juicy sweetness! "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" "Mango's pulp" entered a lot of summer-only smoothies! "Mango & Pine Smoothie" Limited time sale from July 11 (Wednesday)! !

Arrived at McDonald's.

Beside the entrance there is a panel that informs the emergence of "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" with a popping picture.

The store visited this time has a café corner, McCafé by Barista (Mac cafe by varista) with a focus on the cafe menu. Please note that "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" are items that can be ordered only at the Mac Cafe By Barista store . I will order "Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" in M ​​size at the Mac cafe varista counter at once.

"Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" (left) and "Mango & Pine Smoothie" (right) have been completed in about 10 minutes after ordering.

A spoon-like thick straw was also provided with a smoothie

"Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" (M size: 430 yen including tax) is a smoothie using Hokkaido red meat melon sauce and domestic milk. I am a bright orange color that imagines a red meat melon.

A whipped cream covered with red meat melon sauce as a topping covers the cup like a lid.

The red meat melon sauce smells mellow mellow but sweetness is modest. Since the whipped cream is also modest in sweetness, even when you eat red meat melon sauce and whipped cream together it will not hurt the scent of melon, you can enjoy melon flavor, creamy whipping cream and smooth texture at the same time.

The smoothie part can enjoy the aroma and sweetness of a rich melon, the feeling of fine ice that is transmitted through the throat is like a juicy red meat melon.

Mixing whipped cream and smoothie parts ......

The creaminess of the whipped cream is added. You can add rich and smooth taste and smooth milky to sweetness of smoothie's melon and change the texture and taste of smoothie.

"Mango & Pine Smoothie" (M size: 490 yen including tax) is a tropical smoothie using pineapple sauce and mango sauce with flesh using three kinds of mango.

Mango sauce with fruit pulled up like a lake at the foot of the whipped cream.

Mango sauce and smoothie are combined, and it is in a marble shape in a cup.

Mango sauce contains plenty of pulverized mango flesh. The pulp of mango conveys the sweetness of soft and fruity fragrance and mango as melting and no sourness.

Whipped cream is fluffy and finished slightly sweet.

When you drink a smoothie part, the sweetness of mango sauce is slightly mellowing with the sourness of refreshing pineapple sauce. The smoothie part has a strong sense of presence of pineapple, so it was finished in a smoothie with a refreshing feeling that you can feel the sweet and sour taste of tropical fruits combined with the mouthfeel that was cool and ice.

"Hokkaido Melon & Milk Smoothie" is until mid September 2018, "Mango & Pine Smoothie" is a limited-time product scheduled to be sold until early August 2018. Please check with the following link from the Mac cafe Ballista store which offers both smoothies.

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