I drank McDonald's 'Hokkaido Melon Condensed Milk Frappe' and 'Fukuoka Prefecture Strawberry Condensed Milk Frappe' whose sweetness pierces my head with red meat melon and condensed milk.

At McDonald's 'McCafé by Barista' store, ' Hokkaido Melon Condensed Milk Frappe ' will be available for a limited time from July 13, 2022 (Wednesday) as a new Frappe in 2022. At the same time, the popular ' Strawberry Condensed Milk Frappe from Fukuoka Prefecture ' was revived in 2021, so I drank it together.

Midsummer reward! A fruit x condensed milk dessert frappe using domestic fruits is now available! Introducing 'Hokkaido Melon Condensed Milk Frappe' with Hokkaido Red Meat Melon Pure 'Fukuoka Strawberry Condensed Milk Frappe' with Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou Fruit Juice Resurrection Limited time sale from Wednesday, July 13 | McDonald's Official


Arrived at McDonald's with 'McCafé by Barista'.

About 5 minutes after ordering at the counter, 'Hokkaido melon condensed milk frappe' and 'Fukuoka strawberry condensed milk frappe' were delivered.

'Hokkaido Melon Condensed Milk Frappe' uses Hokkaido red meat melon puree.

It is also mixed with condensed milk and topped with whipped cream and condensed milk. Where the original sweetness of melon puree is strong, the sweetness is further added. The puree + condensed milk part is like a frappe with a strong sweetness of melon, but when mixed with whipped cream, the green odor that you feel in melon puree is reduced, giving a mellow and sweet impression in total.

'Fukuoka Prefecture Strawberry Condensed Milk Frappe' is a revival product that appeared in 2021. It is said that it uses strawberry juice from Fukuoka prefecture.

Strawberry juice has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and by adding condensed milk and whipped cream, the impression of sourness that overlaps with the sweetness is well brought out.

Both 'Hokkaido Melon Condensed Milk Frappe' and 'Fukuoka Prefecture Strawberry Condensed Milk Frappe' are only available in size M and are priced at 490 yen including tax. The sale period is scheduled for the end of August 2022.

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