I went to the Kyoto shop of the hostel "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" that is sleepy while sleeping in a book in a bookshelf like a secret base

If you come to travel a lot, you do not sleep in an inorganic hotel room, you want to feel in touch with the same traveler or feel the local atmosphere. In Kyoto, a fierce battlefield of accommodation, there are an increasing number of unique hotels that make such a traveler's wish come trueBOOK AND BED TOKYO KYOTO"Is also far from everyday and has become a lodging facility where you can experience the excitement of children's secret" secret ".Booking.comIn the media tour,"Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei" which changed the Kimono ya built in Meiji into a hotelFollowing BOOK AND BED TOKYO I was able to visit the Kyoto shop, so I've been watching the inside thoroughly.


BOOK AND BED TOKYO The address of the Kyoto store is "Nakanosui Higashiyama Ward Higashiyama Ward West Entering 200 Kamogawa Building 9th Floor". It is a distance of 1 minute on foot from Exit 7 of Gion Shijo Station Keihan.

BOOK AND BED TOKYO is in the 9th floor of the building which is located in the north of Shijyo.

When you arrive at the 9th floor and get off the elevator, the door of the European atmosphere suddenly appears. This is BOOK AND BED TOKYO, the key type for entering and leaving the room is a card type appearance.

There is a reception and bar counter when opening a heavy door.

And when you pass the door of the reception ... ...

There was a room with a huge bookshelf in the middle of the room.

BOOK AND BED TOKYO Tokyo store bookshelves & beds were installed along the walls, but the Kyoto shop features a passage in the form of a donut like a bookcase & a bed in the middle of the room. You can check the inside of the facility from the following movie.

The state of "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" looks something like this - YouTube

The first store of "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" opened in Tokyo in 2015 is as follows.

Bookstore where you can sleep while reading with a bed integrated with bookshelf "BOOK AND BED TOKYO" - GIGAZINE

Like this, a lot of books float on the ceiling and it is pretty photogenic.

There is a bed behind the bookshelf, and there is a lamp inside, so you can take your favorite book and read it thoroughly.

The bed has the 1st floor part and the 2nd floor part of the bookshelf, the specification to climb in the ladder to the 2nd floor, it is like a secret base.

There is a lamp in the room ......

In addition to a socket for charging electronic equipment such as clothes hangers, smartphones, etc., there was also a mini size fan.

There is no door or key between the bedroom and the common space, there is only a curtain for the partition, so when we stayed in Tokyo, the surrounding sounds fairly directly sounded. Therefore, an earplug is also in the room. Also, a memo of SSID and password of free Wi-Fi was also pasted.

The inside of the room can see while moving the 360 ​​degree image from below.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Slippers were also placed in the lower part of the bookshelf, so we can move indoors with slippers.

Since the sofa is installed on the wall side, it is also possible to thoroughly color the book to bring in the bed here.

Because we can see Kamogawa from the 9th floor of the building, we could read books while doing sunny days here on a fine weather day.

And the most popular room is this window side room.

This room has windows, and you can have a great view from the bed. Also, many capsule hotels have no windows, but this room seems to be able to wake up with the morning sun.

The view you wanted from the window looks like this. JustRestaurant KikusuiYou can see the area around.

By the way, because the ladder is not right under the doorway but diagonally below, it is a bit scary when going down. Let's be careful not to stretch your feet to a place without ladders.

Comics and cartoons on bookshelves ......

In addition to novels and essays, books of culinary books and craft beers

The four seasons in Japan are felt through the book "Seasons Hanamoyami"

Magazines with local information etc

Selections on the theme of "book" for book lovers

A documentary comic surrounding hip hop "Hip Hop family tree"Miscellaneous assortment that can stir up curiosity from famous place such as" What kind of book is it ...? "! The book of BOOK AND BED TOKYO imagines "a bookshelf of a friend's house" and is based on a sense of security like "a book of Horiemon is placed beside a really cool photo collection." There are course guide books and foreign books of Japan in Kyoto store, but of course,EbusuIt seems that 2,500 books of a wide range of selection books are placed.

BOOK AND BED TOKYO There was a passage so that Kyoto shop surrounded the bookshelf, and a common kitchenette was installed in the corner of the aisle.

Spoons and forks, small plates, sugar and ... ...

Tea cup, saucer, tissue, cutting board etc.

Microwave oven ......

Because there are water heater, coffee maker, oven toaster, etc., authentic cuisine can not be done, but simple warming seems to be problematic.

Also, after passing through the kitchenette and turning around the aisle, there is a dryer on the wall ... ...

Before that there is a huge mirror & sink.

Here you can wash your face and brush your teeth.

The toilet looks something like this.

The bath is beyond the changing room ... ...


There was bathtub, too. Tokyo was only a shower, so here is one of the differences.

There was also one of the shower room only.

At the reception, we sell beer in the world, and there are also local beers in Kyoto. It seems to be possible to enjoy adults to read books while drinking while bathing.

BOOK AND BED TOKYO Kyoto shop is a standard type room of 110 × 220 cm and a river view type room where Kamogawa can look down from 4800 yen per night, a compact type room of 85 × 220 cm from 4,300 yen per night, Prices will go up and down depending on the reservation date and time such as Saturdays and Sundays and busy seasons, but the accommodation fee from June 4 (Sunday) to May 5 (Monday)I looked it up at Booking.comAt the time of article creation, the standard type was 5184 yen including tax.

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