4K movie "FRACTAL" that sharply displays breathtaking powerful thunderstorms and cumulonimbus clearly

A movie that shoots cumulonimbus spreading all the way horizontally with power that can not help being thoughtfully and the lightning raining like rain with a beautiful 4K time lapse "FRACTAL"Is published at Vimeo. Along with majestic music "This is not a CG, is not it? ...?" Is a powerful image, so after watching it is overwhelmingly magnificent beauty, unexpectedly "Nature is amazing ... ..." I will be tweeting.

FRACTAL - 4k StormLapse on Vimeo

One side cloud covering the sky of sunset. These are taken with the method of "time lapse" which connects still pictures taken at a fixed point to a movie.

Cumulonimbus clouds are developed like the earth.

There is thunder in a thick cloud.

A cloud that covers the sky and a purple thunder

Heavy rain is locally occurring from the clouds

The moment the blue sky changes to sunset

The clear sky will be hidden in clouds with thunder.

Cumulonimbus with mass enough to walk

Rain of thunder raining with the power of the game

It is only time lapse that you can see the movement of the shooting stars and clouds passing through the night sky.

In addition, Chad Cowan who shot this movie has released photos and movies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, so if you like it, you can follow the account and see the latest storm footage .

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