Headline news on July 9, 2015

ByMilada Vigerova

Weathernews announced the "guerrilla thunderstorm trend" announced by Weathernews this year because the influence of the El Niño phenomenon the weak power of the Pacific high pressure is susceptible to the influence of moist air and cold, the number of times the guerrilla thunderstorm occurred It will increase 1.4 times from last year. In Kanto - Kinki region, it is estimated that the number of times is expected to be high even in the whole country, especially in the Kanto and Kusin region, it is estimated to be about twice as much as last year. The latest information can be confirmed at "smartphone site" weather news "or smaho app" weather news touch ".

Guerrilla thunderstorm trends 2015 | weather news

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the future of Google that Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin talked about? - GIGAZINE

"Adblock's business model is illegal" appealed to advertising companies - GIGAZINE

Font to register letters and pictures one by one and make it up by everyone "FONTA" - GIGAZINE

"SolSource" which makes it possible to cook such as baking, simmering and frying the sun's light into heat - GIGAZINE

Vulnerability capable of hacking all functions remotely to emergency alert system discovered - GIGAZINE

I went to the closure training of "Yodogawa Rikko" to shut down the bridge by dropping a huge iron door 24 meters long - GIGAZINE

Opened "Kaiyodo Hobbyikan Shimanto" with over 10,000 pieces of Kaiyodo's works - GIGAZINE

Eva × Hakone × TOYOTA collaboration with eva color and NERV specification Prius appearance - GIGAZINE

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IPS cell venture company to clinical trial NHK News

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Trading suspension system failure on NY stock exchange: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

NY Stock exchanges system troubles with deal stop NHK News

China prohibits the sale of shares of large shareholders for half a year | Reuters

Until the Tanabata Shock Chinese shares stop selling and buying - Yuzurimu

China, fetching fixed capital formation with a real estate bubble that fueled the population to raise GDP and show it to a great country

After the Beijing Olympics, real estate bubble collapse without realities

Since GDP falls as it is, it will replace real estate instead of real estate, if the stock is profitable, it will fuel Bang Bang on TV

In the domestic stock boom, more people buy stocks with debts of dozens of times annual income

The stock price of Shanghai A (formerly a Chinese exclusive market) rise abnormally

Shanghai A's share price infected Hong Kong · Shanghai B (foreign investor market in dollar denominated market)

Stock prices gradually drop because they do not involve actual conditions, but buy and support the stock price by selling US Treasury bonds

Because the US Treasury was sold arbitrarily, it was pointed out by the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve System of Federal Reserve) and it gets scolded

The Chinese stock market crashed as foreign investors have not seen foreign currency reserves absent

We support buying by using pension and various money more than 2.4 trillion yen but also lose 390 trillion yen on 5th

The Chinese government ordered "Do not absolutely sell even if you buy stocks"

Furthermore, even though I search for the criminal who sells Chinese stocks, the crash has not stopped

Ignore financial rules and stop selling and buying 1000 companies

Chinese individual investors who purchased shares by borrowing money did not sell stocks

Chinese crisis that can not return interest in the financial term borrowed money ← Now

"If stocks can not stop falling even if trading is stopped, we will stop lowering if major shareholders are forbidden to sell for half a year": Market Kabu full-strength 2 floors

A 5-year-old daughter kicked the daughter's father suspected to be injured "From lying": Asahi Shimbun Digital

"I won the World Heritage" What Korea aims next ... ...: Nikkei Business Online

"Drone" regulation bill passing through the House of Representatives NHK News

Besides "Drone", the bill is subject to regulation, such as paragliding and hang gliding riding guides, and prohibits flying without permission by important facilities in the country such as the National Diet Building or Prime Minister's Office, or above the nuclear power plant If it violates, it is said to impose a penal servitude of one year or less or a fine of 500,000 yen or less.

Chinese shares that can not be sold if they want to sell, if pointing and laughing Nomura and Yamato stopped cancellation of China stock investment in Japan Accident: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Todomo stock price measures "Malicious short selling is arrested" finally stops downwards in China, and the Nikkei average also rises 740 yen from the low price: market situation full power two stories

"Political neutrality" if deviated - "penalties for teachers" LDP Recommendation 18-year old election rights in mind Asahi Shimbun Digital

Posted bullying video Arrested female junior high school student NHK News

In middle school in Ehime Prefecture Shikoku Chuo City, a movie of a boy's student being bullied such as kicking legs from multiple classmates, was posted to smartphone applications that can be viewed by a friend, police said a series of bullying I arrested a 14 - year - old female student on suspicion of putting water on the students out of the acts.

South Korean false raids in anti-middle-class demonstration, "As the eyes are thin" and defended Turkish opposition leader 7 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Suspected that he arrested former president Kusashi Kusashi and hindered seizure: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Is "self-depression" a young man 's selfishness? / Susumu Ide / Sociology | SYNODOS - Synodos -

Serious carbohydrate restrictions too much Warota wwww Even though I got thin enough I only got a belly wwwwwwwww | Life Huck Channel 2

"After sexual education got married" Eriko Yamaya Topics told when the House of Representatives' remarks pass over flower fields - Togetter Summary

Master of "Tamane Broadcasting" To the public for the first time next month Also NHK News

Greek crisis brief explanation from historical studies - Togetter Summary

Sanma Initial Landing Volume to NHK News

Sanma fishery, which was lifted off the east coast of Hokkaido on August 8, was first landing on Monday morning, but the amount of landing was limited to less than half of last year, which is high at bidding and it is high price of 15,500 yen per kilogram It arrived.

Ishikawa's luxury grape one million yen NHK News

The first bidding for the luxury grape "Ruby Roman" developed by Ishikawa Prefecture was held, and due to the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen, the highest value of 1 million yen has been reached.

Kanazawa, the highest ever bid for the first battle of one million bouts of luxury grapes - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

A wholesaler bought down and the hotel Nikko Kanazawa bought it. Hirai Yuyuyuki chef general chef talked with excitement that "Hokuriku Shinkansen was opened and it was told that everything is being bought down." It is said that it will be served for dessert of course dish.

Japan is scrambled due to China "Alpha buyer" (1/4) - ITmedia news

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[About articles that slander our company posted in net news etc.] ... - Elephant Communications Inc.

Try building a system without using Amazon EC 2 (preferably) | Developers.IO

Being a programmer for the rest of the year | F's Garage @ fshin 2000

4.2 million information leaks by US government hacking NHK News

Notice of termination of Crowsnest service | Smart News Corporation

Submitted a "re-interrogation agreement on enforcement of revised child pornography prohibition law" | Member of the House of Councilors Taro Yamada Official website

Facebook changes CPC calculation method | Unyoo.jp

About Android M Developer Preview and Tools - Google Developer Japan Blog

About updating Android Wear with Always-on and Wi-Fi features - Google Developer Japan Blog

#InsideTwitterJP - Splash

To make Twitter more available to Japanese people, we will establish a development department in the Tokyo office for the purpose of product development in Japan.

Along with this, on the evening of Wednesday, July 15, an engineering team including Japanese engineers who used to work at the Japanese office visited Japan, focused on Twitter technology, Japanese market, how Twitter engineers worked etc. We will hold an event introducing you.

We will also prepare simple meals, so please feel free to join us in creating a network with other engineers in a casual atmosphere. (Of course, it is free.)

Google Cloud Platform Japan official blog: Start customer support in Japanese

【Reference】 Atlas official version (General Availability) | Pocketstudio.jp log 3

Fear of "zombie server" to eat the company, AOL removes 15,000 units (1/2) - TechTarget Japan Server & Storage

Preparing for establishment of KADOKAWA · DWANGO communication school high school

News Releases: KADOKAWA · DWANGO Educational Project Starts Preparation for Establishment of "Net High School" in Digital Native Era | KADOKAWA · DWANGO

News - Targeted attack on the Ministry of Defense related hotel, the possibility of the same offense as the attack on the pension mechanism: ITpro

"Zero Hari" Professor Takemura's Friendly Smart Watch (Part 1): What You Can Do for Apple Watch is the same as Armor, 31 years ago (1/2) - ITmedia PC USER

Lunch time is less than 1 Mbps down: IIJmio communication quality, still improving? - "Increase in facilities" will "continue", "there was a miscalculation" - ITmedia Mobile

9 ways I know about proofreading | programming mecha blog

Prophetical! Apple Watch's sales result seems to sharply drop off | More Access! More Fun!

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CNN.co.jp: Just like Pixar movies? Inadequate popularity in Chinese animation - (1/2)

I tried collecting brands of "clothes that kill virgins" - Amime girl has few friends

"Clothes to kill virginity" Opinion - Ohnoblog 2

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Tokyo Newspaper: former New National Governor Ishihara "I have not told any cost": Society (TOKYO Web)

It seems that the construction cost has been fixed, so the opinion on the National Stadium etc. - Your Highness Office 2.0 β1

New National, Mr. Mori handed over to Hinomitsu "Sweet Tears": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Let's get around the site of the hell's Olympic Games. - Everyone says I love you!

Sonoko "The image of Trindle is destroyed" Movie "Real Onigago" | Da Vinci News

Comment by Sonoko Wen
Inspired by the title itself "Real Onigokko", I did not dare read the original, introduced several plots of works that I had wanted to do before, introduced a number of plots of works that did not result in fruit, and wrote the script from scratch. Now, in succession, "Love & Peace" "Hisashi Hoshi", making original works, this work is also the third as "Original Story". But since both of the previous two are not grotesque works that my fans expect, so in this sense, this "real tag" is what I'm seeking for me, the Sonoko warmth I have been expecting for a long time I think I can release it. Both of the triple heroines think that everyone thinks, "For example, if it is Trendle, this is the place" is destroyed, I think whether you can see fresh new girls. For us, the spread of bread that will increase in number in the future is seen every day. Rather than reconfirming the finished "people" and the finished "play", it is more surprising to find people who do not know or to surprise us with a completely different image pleasant. Three of them are like that now.

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Japan McDonald's, "Mac Shake Mix Berry" 2 items limited release for a limited time

Launched "Pepper sausage & chips" combined with Ministop and X fried potatoes

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