Headline news on July 13, 2015

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary from the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" broadcast, the "Evangelion Sumaho Development Committee" was launched. Those in the theater specification in 2009 and NERV special specifications in 2012 are produced, respectively, but this time it is planned to become a smartphone free of SIM.

Evangelion Sumaho Development Committee

Evangelion Smartphone Development Committee - YouTube

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In the store in Osaka of the family restaurant "Gast", last month, it was found that the aluminum piece of machine parts making shaving ice mixed and the child accidentally swallowed. The management company has stopped sales of shaved ice at all stores and is promoting the exchange of machinery etc.

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New National Stadium Construction Problem Democratic Party's "incorrect mistake" is the root of evil! | Yoichi Takahashi "Deep in News" | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

[New National Stadium] Mr. Shintaro Ishihara "It is good to collect 1,000 yen a month from commuters other than citizens" Advocating introduction of new tax with revenue source (1/3 page) - Sankei News

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When speaking my conclusion about listening to various opinions, I am against the current plan of building a new National Stadium from three standpoints.

The first one is opposed as an athletic player. There is no sub track (ground for warming up) at the new national stadium. Although the Olympic turn is like a temporary one, it is scheduled to be removed after that, then it will not be possible to open the Athletics World Tournament by the rules (sub-track required). As an athletic player, I want the National Stadium to be also an athletics field, so I disagree with the plan without sub-tracks.

The second is the opposite as an athlete. Athletes who are said to be involved in the construction of the national stadium are not at least around me, but even if it is really built it is expected that the sports world or athletes will be told that they have imposed a burden on Japan . Sports, despite the role of society, is against the fact that it seems to be a luggage (even if it does not involve an athlete) I do not like it.

The third one is against the Japanese. It is said that the new National Stadium has the potential to build up more budget considering the construction of 250 billion construction costs, maintenance cost which is said to be 4 billion a year, further roof etc will be constructed in the future. Although it seems to contradict the first one, it is a good way to have an international event of sports once a year, and even at other sports events it is impossible to satisfy 80,000 stadiums. I think that it is better to make it with standard-scale construction cost, sports work hard, convert it into a small deficit, events like music, at least to maintain daily maintenance fee at least. Even if you think about it, making a stadium where the burden is too economical is contrary to the current situation in Japan.

What is mysterious to see from the sports scene is the point that I do not really know who wants to make a stadium. Although it is possible to think about the meaning of still building a stadium if it is strongly insisted that even if someone or organization tentatively hangs it up, it is a business to do, but I do not know where the center point is even if I hear the story Hmm.

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Nintendo Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Satoshi Iwata's Death Report | Kyoto Sanga F.C. Official Site

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Three types of limited-availability menu "Avocado Burger" appeared in the midsummer season when sandwich summer bite is concerned with nutritious avocado, "beef" "shrimp" "vegetable chicken"! It is! Limited time sale from Tuesday, August 11

"Bacon lettuce burger" "Chicken fiereo" "Fireo fish" tailored freshly, this summer only limited term menu "McDonald's popular classic menu + fresh vegetables" new taste "Fresh Mac" new appearance! It is! Limited sale from Tuesday, July 14

~ "Fresh Mac" release commemoration ~ July 27 (Monday), "One night's special restaurant" opened in Roppongi Under the supervision of famous culinary researchers, special menu made with McDonald's ingredients is cooked by course meal Offer "Restaurant M" Start accepting applications on special site from Thursday, July 16, invite 10 pairs of 20 people by lottery

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