Mister Donut 's summer sweet "Kuzu Azuki French" and 4 rich shake

Mr. Donut is today as summer sweets from August 6 (Wednesday) "Kuzu Azuki French"Pon de da Matcha"Pon de Matcha milk crunch"We released three new types. In addition, missed shakeI got back home richerSo, I went to the store and ate it.

Summer festival price from August 6 to 10In addition to the three types of "Kuzu Azuki French" "Pont de doubleshatcha" "Pon de Matcha milk crunch", French Crueler, Angel French and Strawberry Whip French a total of six types are 100 yen.

Review from below.
Arrived at the shop.

Pon de Matcha milk crunch etc was now only 100 yen bill was hanging.

So, there are 4 rich shakes and 3 donuts.

this isKuzu Azuki French.

In French dough is a domestic product with kuzu. It is a little different from the sweetness of cream, a donut with an elegant sweetness of azuki drawn out.

Pon de da Matcha.

It feels like Pon de Matcha further applied Matcha chocolate coating. The flavor of the green tea is made full use to the extent that the sense of rich odor is kept intact.

Pon de Matcha milk crunch.

This time it is divided into two, with milk cream and rice puff inside.

Rice puff inside the milk cream has a crispy feeling but it is like ordinary milk cream sand because it is not so much.

Four types of rich shake of reborn missed.

Madagascar vanilla.

The name has changed, but it was orthodox vanilla taste.


A little sour taste comes with mango sauce.


This is a little coffee flavor. Bitterness and sweetness are a good balance.

Choco Fuji.

A lot of things like chocolate chips are contained in it, and it is packed in straws. Sweetness is the strongest, it seems like a chocolate cookie somehow.

The previousFruit shaved iceIt was disappointing, so I was wondering, but this time it was a delicious new product. Thank you for the meal.

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