Hot cake texture and simple sweetness, I tried all six kinds of new Misudo "Hot Ring"

From today Mr. Donut's new product "Hot and ring"As all six species will be on sale, we went to the shop immediately and ate.

Something like "Castle", "Maple", "Chocolate", "Strawberry", "Angel", "Caster", and so on, it is said that it has become a donut with a fresh texture that can enjoy both flavor like Castella and hot cake at the same time There are six different flavors available. What kind of texture is it going to be?

Details of "Hot Ring" is from the following.Hot Ring | New Item | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Inside the store the new product "Hot Ring" was lined with the slurry.

Purchase all six types of "Hot Ring".

This is "Hot Ring Sugar" 105 yen. By the way, the calorie is 212 kcal.

The surface is covered with sugar.

If you try to bite it, the texture is certainly softness close to hot cake. And the fabric is somewhere "Horse DonutThe egg's rustic flavor reminiscent of, an impression somewhat close to Castella. Some may say that it is unsatisfactory because the seasoning is simple with only sugar, but it was simple, so it was a gentle tasting donut.

Next, "Hot Ring Maple" is 115 yen. Calories are 213 kcal.

Maple is painted on the surface.

Only this product was offered after warming up. For that reason it is even more softer than "Sugar", and the fragrance of Maple drifts slightly more intensely. Because Maple itself is rustic sweetness, the impression that it is rustic donut as "Sugar".

Next is "Hot Ring Chocolate" 126 yen. Calories are 251 kcal.

Golden toppings made of butter, eggs, sugar etc are all over.

I thought that compatibility was guaranteed before eating because it is a classic flavor of chocolate & golden topping, but the texture of toppings and the chocolate flavor are good feeling. Compared to "Sugar" and "Maple", it was a strong impression both in sweetness and taste, and was eaten with a feeling not much different from ordinary donuts.

And "Hot Ring Strawberry" 126 yen. Calories are 247 kcal.

Color chocolate spray is scattered with flip flops on the surface.

The colorful chocolate spray is crisped symmetrically with the soft fabric, and the texture is comfortable. Strawberry is a familiar taste of mistled, the impression that overall sweetness is strengthening. This was also eaten in the same way as a regular donut.

Then "Hot Ring Angel" 126 yen. The calorie is 262 kcal.

Whipped cream is a dressing inside.

When I try to eat a bite, the whip cream's assertiveness is strong, and it is a dense impression staggering compared to other 'hot rings'. The compatibility of chocolate and whipped cream is bathered, but there was heaviness that seems to be quite satisfactory just by eating one.

The last is "Hot Ring Caster" 126 yen. Calories are the most common 280 kcal.

Custer cream is sandwiched.

It is the strongest taste in "Hot Ring", it is a rich finish. It seems to be said that it is said that it just said that you pulled out a color chocolate spray from "Strawberry" and added Custer Cream, but the impression you ate was quite different. It may be a rich class even among all Misudo products.

This "Hot Ring" was quite different from ordinary donuts, so I was able to eat it freshly. Personally, since the simple taste such as "Sugar" and "Maple" was particularly good impression, is not it a perfect new product when you want to eat a rustic donut which is not so sweet?

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