I tried to eat the second Mr. Croissant Donut "Fruit Series"

Croissant donuts since this yearLawsonYaMister DonutIt is becoming one of the sweets of this year's sweets, such as being sold by. From Wednesday, June 11th, Mr. Donuts released the 3 items of fruit-flavored products as the second part of the croissant donut. It seems that it is making it sticking that dried fruits are topped, etc. as it is somewhat expensive donut exceeding 200 yen, so I went to a shop and ate it.

Mr. Croissant Donut Fruit | New Item | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Also appeal the fruit-flavored croissant donut even at the store.

"Pon de Ring FestivalWe also have a campaign called 'Pon de Ring' sold for 100 yen including tax for all items.

After entering the shop and looking at the donut ......

We found 3 types of croissant donuts using fruits.

I will order it at the cash register immediately.

When asked for 3 new works, it was provided in a horizontally long blue box

Donuts appear when pushed out from the side.

From the left "Berry & Chocolate Whip"·"Orange & Lemon Whip"·"Mix fruit & yogurt whip". All prices are 216 yen including tax.

Berry & Chocolate Whip is the sweet and sourness of berry and the croissant donut matched by sandwiched chocolate whipped.

Berries are topped on the croissant donut ......

It is coated with a sauce of berries and two lines are drawn with white chocolate.

The surface of the croissant donut fabric is crispy.

There is a break in the middle of the donut, and you can see the chocolate whip when you open it.

Approaching and looking pretty black.

When I tried it, the croissant donut 's crispy texture, the croissant donut fabric which butter has gotten considerably heavily, the acidity of berry and the bitter taste of chocolate whip match well. The croissant donut of the previous work has covered chocolate and caramel on even the brie mee dough, but it is rather impressive somewhat that the fruity acidity is felt.

Orange & Lemon Whip toppings sweet and sour orange peel to croissant donut, a piece of lemon whipped.

On the surface you can see orange peel, orange coating, white chocolate.

From the side, you can check lemon whip.

The taste of lemon is somewhat artificial,Snoopy's donutsFeel close to the lemon flavor of Woodstock Donut. Although the taste of orange can be felt, because of the strong flavor of lemon, it may be difficult to feel the taste of oranges unless you eat the part of orange peel. The texture was crisp as ever.

Mix fruit & yoghurt whip is a donut that sandwiched the modest yogurt whip to croissant donut and topped with dry mix fruits.

Dried fruits seem to be mainly topped with raisins etc.

Powdered sugar was also covered.

The yoghurt whip was a feeling that it was indistinguishable from ordinary whip.

When you eat it, you can eat the donut, which crispy crispy, with a light sense, thanks to the sourness of yoghurt and fruits. I felt the taste of raisins and oranges, although the taste of yogurt whip was weak, the taste of dried fruit was felt firmly. Both donuts have about 400 kcal, so it seems better to take notice of calories when eating.

People who like the last croissant donut seems to be good at eating this donut.

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