Mr. Donut's "Raw Chocolate Ring Pie" has a crisp texture and a new donut with raw chocolate thick

We conducted test sales in Hokkaido last December, Kyushu district this August "Raw chocolate ring pie"Will be released on Monday, October 23 (Wednesday) at Mr. Donuts throughout the country. It became Mr. Donut's first "donut-shaped pie with raw chocolate", and since it has become a pie of whole body added to the regular menu after repeated testing, I went to a shop and ate and ate.

Missed Original Roasted Coffee x Raw Chocolate Ring Pie | New Item | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut's shop.

Chocolat donut fairIs also held, and many of the regular donuts using chocolate were able to purchase at 100 yen for sale for one week only.

At the bottom of the announcement of the Chocolat Donut Fair, we found that a set of coffee and raw chocolate ring pie is posted on the poster announcing sales at 300 yen for one week only.

Donuts are sliding at the shop front. When visiting in the afternoon 2 raw chocolate ring pies were not placed and waited for completion for a while.

Even inside the store was renewed in SeptemberMissed original roasted coffeeAnd appeal a set of raw chocolate ring pie. I will try ordering it as soon as possible.

After a few minutes a set of raw chocolate ring pie (136 yen for single item tax) and Misudo original roasted coffee (262 yen for single item) 300 yen including tax and raw chocolate ring pie strawberry (136 yen including tax) arrived. If you order with a single item without setting it, it usually has a sense of otoku as it is a menu that is close to 400 yen.

Raw Chocolate Ring Pie chocolate and strawberry have different chocolates used for decoration.

Donut Double ChocolateCompared with the raw chocolate ring pie is small one size.

Raw chocolate rings Pie chocolate has chocolate decorated in chocolate flavored pie cloth.

Chocolate is about decoration, it is not plain plenty.

It seems quite interesting to see the crisp buttery flavored pie cloth and the sweetness-rich raw chocolate is pretty voluminous. When I first saw it, I got a slightly small impression for a donut, but it seems to be a smaller size because of the volume feeling. Make a contrast of the soft texture of raw chocolate to the crispy texture of pie cloth making it fun. Eating cold makes the sweetness increase, but it seems that the one who ate while warmer feels the flavor of butter more strongly.

Bittersweet chocolate is also good compatibility with new sour coffee. Donuts are heavy taste with little sweetness, so you can refresh your mouth with sour coffee.

Raw chocolate ring pie strawberry, strawberry chocolate is used for decoration.

It seems to be the same making raw chocolate ring pie chocolate except that strawberry chocolate is used.

The rich flavor of butter and the rich chocolate taste can be eaten somewhat thanks to the sourness of strawberry chocolate.

Raw Chocolate Ring Pie Chocolate / Strawberry is not a limited-time menu, it is sold throughout the year for all Mister Donuts except for some shops. until nowStick pie appleYaFrank pyeAlthough selling was sold at some stores of Mr. Donuts, this time it will be sold at all stores, so it is recommended for those who like the taste of pie and raw chocolate.

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