I ate a "dream donut" of Mr. Donuts which will fulfill my wish "two kinds of taste with one donut"

Mister Donut "I'd like to eat these donutsStarting a project to realize the voice "I am. As its first step "Two kinds of taste with one donutI got six kinds of donuts that make my dream come true, so I went to eat.

Dream of Dream | New Item | Mister Donut

I came to Mister Donuts.

There were no posters etc outside the store, but there was a notice of "dream of dreams" like this on the table.

On the back side are "Golden & Coconut Chocolate" and "Angel French & Almond Chocolate Cream" as an example of "Dream of Dream".

All kinds are arranged and it is like this.

First of all it looks like normal, but the combination of cream comes from three special items. this is"Angel cream & blueberries".

As the name implies, there is a blueberry jam in the angel cream. Although the sourness of blueberry jam is somewhat conspicuous because of the sweetness of the donut, it is not unpleasant, but a sense that a refreshing sour taste enhances sweetness. This combination is not strange even if it is regularly entering.

This looks like an ordinary "Pon de Angel", but "Pon de Angel & Almond Chocolate Cream".

Originally whipped cream is sandwiched by Pon de Angel. Mochi mochi texture is healthy, a rich sweet almond chocolate cream is added, this is also ant.

Similarly sandwiched almond chocolate cream "Angel French & Almond Chocolate Cream".

French cloakers' fabrics also take this almond chocolate cream firmly. However, since sweetness increases considerably, coffee and tea are essential.

From here it is literally "NikoichIt is a like donut. First of allPon de & Old Fashion". It looks like a donut using half of Pon de Ring ... ...

The other side is Old fashion. You can taste the mouthfeel texture and crisp texture at the same time.

"Combining popular items with each other makes it possible for us to do something good".

Then "Pon De & East Donut". Again one of the combinations is Pon de Ring.

The other's "East Donut" is a donut of "fluffy" especially among Mr. Donut's fabrics used for Honey Dip and Sugar Raised. However, it seems that the opponent has a noticeable texture like Pon de Ring, the East Donut is somewhat overpowered. It might have been interesting if, for example, a berry type jam was sandwiched here as an accent other than chocolate.

The end is "Golden & Coconut Chocolate". One side is golden chocolate ......

The other side is coconut chocolate. It is unified with chocolate as a taste, and it is nice that there are twice the sharp texture of golden chocolate crisp & coconut chocolate.

Considering from the phrase "I got this time", this "dream of dreams" series seems to give us some wishes in another form yet, what on earth do you plan to do next ... ....

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