I tried Mr. Donut 's Valentine' Pon de Marshmallow Chocolate & Strawberry 'and' Truffle Donut '

Valentine will be in about three weeks, but Mr. Donut will start from January 22 (Wednesday)Truffle donut"·"Pon de Marshmallow Chocolate"·"Pon de Marshmallow Strawberry"We are launching new products. Both had a gorgeous appearance and it seemed pretty good, so I went to eat at once.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Last year at the end of SeptemberMisdoclub point service terminatedAlthough it did, it seems that the scratch card distributed before issuing the point card for a limited time seems to be resurrected.

In the store in the morning, the donut is slightly less.

Three kinds of donuts for Valentine 's purpose were put after a little.

From the top leftMissed original roasted coffee· Truffle donut (250 yen including tax) · Pon de Marshmallow chocolate (157 yen including tax) · Pon de Marshmallow Strawberry (157 yen including tax).

Truffle donuts are provided in boxes.

The surface of the box has been structured so that messages can be written, and obligation chocolateFriend chocolatePerfect for gifts like.

There are two strawberry, almond, and marshmallow truffle donuts in each box.

Strawberry isMisdovitzIt is about the size, and a ball-shaped donut is strawberry chocolate.

Trying to snoop, the outside is soaked with chocolate sauce, a moist and soft texture. InsideGolden chocolateIt has become a somewhat rough fabric like that, making it a rich fabric that feels the chocolate's taste quite solidly. Sweetness is modest and coffee with a low acidity seems to fit.

Almonds match the truffle donuts with crisp texture and aroma. It seemed to be the most complete of the three types.

Marshmallows, like almonds, are coated with chocolate and it is quite rich taste. After feeling a fluffy texture, marshmallow gradually melts in the mouth. When I eat all 6 donuts it has become quite a heavy impression, a little feeling for adults.

Pon de Marshmallow chocolate is a gorgeous donut that cooks chocolate on cocoa-flavored pon de rings and toppings with marshmallows and color sugar.

It is the point that not only color sugar but also marshmallows are interesting.

Trying to find it is a fun making that the soft texture of marshmallows · the texture of crispy color sugar and chewy mouthfeel of pon de rings became three. It was made to feel the chocolate's taste firmly, and it was a bit of bitter finish in the missed donuts.

Pon de Marshmallow Strawberry has the same basic structure as Pon de Marshmallow chocolate and it is different from strawberry chocolate coating.

It looks pretty much hereGarlishIt is finished in a feeling, and it should be pretty good looking when you put black and pink one pair at a time together with the previous one.

The texture is the same as Pon de Marshmallow chocolate, but the flavor of the essential chocolate is not felt so much, it is rather artificial "strawberry" taste which is rather rather artificial, corresponding level.

As a whole, two kinds of Pon de Marshmallow are not for favorite, feeling that it is easy for the appropriate partner to the last. On the other hand, truffle donuts are devised so that they can write messages, so it seems they can be used differently for the other party.

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