Mango's "mango whip donut" using mango which is perfect for summer All 2 types are sweet, sour and refreshing

Mango whipped cream with mango and popular donut fabric combinedMango whip donut"of"Pon de Mango"When"Mango whip"Has appeared on Mr. Donuts on June 20, 2018 (Wednesday). I tried two items "summer perfect donut".

Pon de Mango | Donut, Pie, Toast | Mr. Donut

Mango Whip | Donut, Pie, Toast | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

There were no posters to announce the appearance of 2 donuts using mango in front of the shop, but found 2 items of donuts in the showcase inside the shop. I will order "Pon de Mango" and "Mango whip".

As soon as ordering, a clerk delivered "Pon de Mango" (left) and "Mango whip" (right) (140 yen for each tax included).

When both sleeves of the donut are removed, it is like this. Both donuts are sandwiched between "Mango whipped cream" using mangoes by cutting the fabric in half.

"Pon de Mango" (140 yen including tax) is a donut sprinkled with sugar on the finish with a mango whipped cream called sweet and sour refreshing on a rice cake pon de Ring fabric.

When you remove the dough, you can confirm that a slightly mango-colored mango whipping cream is sandwiched.

"Pon de Mango" is a cream of sweet and sour mango combined with a pon de Ring fabric, a slightly salty taste of the fabric and a sweet and sour cream's sweet and fruity aroma spreading in the mouth every time it chews a dough of dough. It is finished.

Next is "Mango whip" (140 yen including tax). Mango whipped cream is sandwiched between soft yeast fabric.

When you remove the yeast fabric cut in half, you can see that plenty of mango whipped cream is caught.

"Mango whip" feels like the feel and taste of mango whipped cream are the leading role. The fluffy fabric is somewhat weakened by the taste and texture claims as compared with the "Pon de Mango" fabric. I felt that the dough supports the cream flavor and the sprinkling sugar taste strongly.

"Pon de Mango" and "Mango whip" are limited-time items until late July 2018.

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