'Speaking of Christmas movies!' And 20th century FOX releases Christmas images of 'Die Hard'

Speaking of Christmas as a theme, " Christmas Carol " based on the novel by Charles Dickens, " Nightmare Before Christmas " by Director Tim Burton, masterpieces frequently remade "The thirty-fourth chapter miracle ", Arnold Schwarzenegger struggle around Christmas presents comedy movie" Jingle All the way ", perverse's latest work of illumination Entertainment to try to steal Christmas" Grinch There are many, such as " However, in order to send the action film "Die Hard" by 20th century FOX, we released a short clip for Christmas.

Die Hard | The Greatest Christmas Story | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

Snow flickering in the logo of the 20th century FOX

"This is John, I wanted to spend Christmas with my family, but ...." John McLane played by Bruce Willis is introduced with a light narration.

BGM also used Trepac (Russian dance) from Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Doll" and was completely out of a comedy movie.

Hans Gruber who plays a strange expression is Alan Rickman.

Actual "Die Hard" is a story that McClane criminal confront alone to a terrorist who occupied the building, action of Bali Bali.

However, according to the explosion scene, "Nice to prepare to ring the bell" and so on and so on, somehow tailored to Christmas style.

Explosions & actions will continue in about as long as this is Christmas ... ...

Male murmuring "Merry Christmas". It is a work set properly on Christmas Day, and there is no mistake that it is a "Christmas movie".

A big explosion

Since there is an attempt to distribute "School Days" and "SHUFFLE!" At once at the Christmas time, "Die · Hard" at Christmas is also ant.

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